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North SanDiego JULY/AUG 2012 • VOL 25 7 THE of Personal Development DeadlySins By Mike Bundrant

Personal development’s seven deadly sins are especially danger- ous because when you are the sinner, you may not see it. In such a state of sin against your own growth, you often blind yourself to the truth of what you are doing.

It is critical to learn to identify when you are blocking your own growth. Here are the seven deadly sins, as well as how to know if they apply to you. If none of the following are rel- evant to you, then refer to sin #1 or #7, or both.

1. Arrogance Motto: I am better than you.

If you have a better than complex, you’ll have a hard time finding reasons to grow. After all, you are already head and shoulders above the rest. People should be looking to you as a stan- dard of excellence, right?

How to know if it applies to you: You only compare yourself favorably to others, failing to see and acknowledge their strengths, espe- cially when their strengths outweigh your own. You get anxious around people with high levels of knowledge, skill, expertise or other admirable qualities, fearing your won’t measure up, or needing to prove you are bet- ter than.

2. Resistance Motto: Back off!

Resisting is like defensiveness. You want to avoid the issue at hand. You don’t want to ex- plore whether or not you were rude to your wife, for example. If you do enter the discus- sion, it is to defend yourself or point out how your actions are justified.

If you have a basic resistance to hearing any- thing uncomfortable, you are missing out on most of your opportunities to develop as a per- son. Much of personal development involves understanding your deficiencies or lack of en- lightenment and moving on to new and more productive places. If you resist your lack, you pass on the opportunity to move beyond it.

How to know if it applies to you: You use the

words yes, but a lot! You feel bodily tension anytime you are confronted with something emotionally painful. You tense up and fight back when someone thinks you are wrong. You don’t like to be contradicted. You feel vic- torious whenever you are proven right. To you, there is nothing quite like winning an ar- gument and feeling vindicated.

3. Greed Motto: More, more, more!

Ah, the good things in life! You can’t get enough – money, cars, and food, yes, but so- cial recognition and status, even more so! At some level you are not convinced there is enough to go around, so you pursue the good things as if involved in some sort of contest. The greediest people are stingy with the most precious resource of all – time.

Of course, the good things in life come to gen- erous people, too, only generous folks tend to enjoy them more because they also get the pleasure of sharing and contributing to their family and community. Greedy people miss collaborative opportunities, genuine connec- tion to other people and the pure joy of shar- Continued on page 11

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