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Allison Trimble has a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Cal Poly, SLO. After her graduation in 1999, Allison started Coastal Equine and has been training and competing in Cowhorse, Reining, and Cutting events. She has had marked success in the show pen, boasting many titles and championships. Coastal Equine takes pride in raising and training quality performance horses. With a background as a Non-Professional who trained her own horses, Allison believes in the ability of the Non-Pro to have a primary role in the training of their own horse. Allison’s clients range from beginners to advanced competitors. Willfully Guided is an educational program based on Allison’s training process. It offers insight into the art of building a willing and sustainable partnership with your performance horse. For more information visit

equestrians that live and ride in my home state. Set against the backdrop of the midnight sun, The Great Alaska Horse Expo in June did just that and brought the Alaskan Horse Community together in the process. Six clinicians offered 13 riding clinics and four instructional clinics to 27 participants. The clinics were designed not only to give horsemanship training, but also to present a number of equine activities to Alaskans and allow them to give something new a try. I have to admit, I was not prepared for how


active and open-minded the attendees would be. Many people rode in at least one clinic with each clinician. The clinicians interacted with partici- pants during the clinics and also throughout the expo. Clinicians, participants and specta- tors came together to help with setting up and tearing down, round pen assembly, and moving cattle. It was an expo true to the nature of the Alaskan horseperson — involved and invested.

Ranch Sorting and Intro to Cattle and Reining — Allison Trimble I was lucky enough to get to introduce the sport of ranch sorting. Most of the 15 horses

On the Plus Side

A Full Circle Celebration by Allison Trimble, Coastal Equine Performance Horses

Returning to My Roots with The Great Alaska Horse Expo

have wanted for years to return to Alaska and bring horsemanship and equine education to the extraordinarily dedicated

that rode in the clinic had never been on cattle. It was really neat teaching cattle behavior and proper position for driving them to both people and horses new to cattle work. In the Intro to Cattle Workshop we worked on walking through and handling a herd of cattle as well as proper positioning and starting your horse on working a single cow. The Intro to Reining Clinic was again very large and for the most part we worked on body control and the start to a turn-around. I really enjoyed introducing the disciplines I am passionate about to the community that started me on my journey.

Arena Jumping, Western, and Classical Dressage — Kimberly Barber This was Kimberly’s fi rst time presenting at

an expo. She is a natural. With a background in Pony Club, she is the perfect fi t for Alaska’s large Pony Club. On the Thursday before the expo, she was introduced to a number of her clinic partici- pants while serving as the examiner for D-level Pony Club certifi cation. Along with her well attended arena jumping and classical dressage clinics, Kimberly intro- duced western dressage to an eager audience. It was great for everyone to learn about this fast growing sport. I was stopped by a number of

Left to right: Mark Plumlee, Raye Lochert, Atz Kilcher, Kimberly Barber, Allison Trimble, Kade Mills, Barry Cox. 26 August 2012 The Northwest Horse Source




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