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The new offi ce of Lodge Mentor

Finding candidates for Freemasonry, of the right quality, is not always easy. It sometimes takes a long time to get them into a Lodge and it is therefore particularly disappointing when any Initiate feels the need to resign from the Craft.

If a resignation is offered it must be hoped that it is not because a new Brother feels that it is because the Lodge shows a lack of interest in, or support for him. In Wiltshire we are doing much work through the 3Rs project to recruit, refresh and retain our membership from the ‘new’ member to the ‘not so new’ member - a signifi cant number of members do need support in the years immediately after passing through the Chair.

Nationally, Grand Lodge has recognised the same need and has created the new role of Lodge Mentor (as Mentoring Co-ordinator). This decision allows Lodges to Appoint and Invest a qualifi ed Brother to the offi ce which will rank between the Charity Steward and Senior Deacon. The collar jewel is two chisels in saltire.

The purpose of a Mentoring Scheme is to provide a high level of personal support to all members, to ensure that they are able to enjoy being a Freemason, understand the principles of the Craft, and become involved in their Lodges and all activities as fully as possible.

A Lodge Mentoring Co-ordinator should ideally be an experienced Freemason with a wealth of background knowledge, but not so far removed from the new member in age and outlook that the gap between them is such that communication is strained yet also be able to converse with the older members. It’s not an easy job to do and although it is an additional offi ce it isn’t one which should be taken on lightly.

Each Lodge will of course approach this task in its own preferred way. Whatever that way is, there needs to be acceptance of the fact that a structure is necessary, hopefully refl ecting the Provincial view that the Mentoring Co-ordinator should also be the Lodge 3Rs Co-ordinator who will work with those appointed in the Lodge to act as mentors.

Please ensure you have an active mentoring scheme in place that is well structured to meet the needs of Brethren new and not so new!

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