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Welcome our new Apprentices... Name

Littlejohn, James Jamieson Stiles, Tony James Pullen, Mark Peter

Pinches, Matthew Christopher Sellstrom, Matthew David

Allison-Wright, Max Alexander Kay, Simon Jefferson Elliott, Paul Bryan

Freeman, Bradley Dean Brown, Steven

Montgomery, Vernon Francis Davies, Malcolm Stephen Jolley, George Joseph Patrick Hartley, Desmond Douglas Rattigan, Neill Adrian Gill, Harry Hobson

Jackson, Matthew Clifford

Tapping, Richard Leonard Perrin, Shane Gerald Mabey, Christian Mark Macdonald, Paul James Curtis, Simon Richard Lippiatt, Steven Darren Duncan, Iain Craig Kidd, Peter Anthony

Hudson Christopher Michael Myers Tracy Lionel George Banga, Malkit Raj Wise, John Alfred Board, Edwin John Cook, Gary Edward

Lodge Date Initiated 9540

8432 632

8620 8718 5955 2888 6616 8977 8788 8435 4037 1478 5908 9540 9035 3129

Hutchinson, Mark Edward George 2644 Schofield, Edwin

8747 9090 7525 6114 1271 6616 2888 2227 1295 8692 2644 8977 4687 4714 8747

04-Oct-11 05-Oct-11 10-Oct-11 15-Oct-11 15-Oct-11 17-Oct-11 18-Oct-11 20-Oct-11 20-Oct-11 26-Oct-11 27-Oct-11 02-Nov-11 02-Nov-11 03-Nov-11 03-Nov-11 05-Nov-11 16-Nov-11 21-Nov-11 23-Nov-11 30-Nov-11 02-Dec-11 14-Dec-11 14-Dec-11 15-Dec-11 20-Dec-11 20-Dec-11 21-Dec-11 10-Jan-12 16-Jan-12 19-Jan-12 24-Jan-12 24-Jan-12 25-Jan-12

Philip Bullock E

Philip Bullock is Provincial Information Officer as well as being the Assistant Provincial Grand Master. He is responsible for the Provin- cial Information Team.

Philip Mackie E: Tel: 01380 739630 (office hours)

Philip is the Editor of the new Across the Plain with responsibility to publish the Provincial magazine twice a year and generate advertising income to support the cost of printing and distribution. He is keen to receive feature articles and take your advertising bookings.

Des Morgan: E:

Des is the Editor of the Provincial web site, and is responsible for the day-to-day updating of the web site with the most current infor- mation available.

Barry Cooper E:

Barry has specific responsibility on the technical side of the site and will work with the Web Editor Mike Wilson E:

Mike is responsible for the Provincial Exhibition Stand and is looking for opportunities to get out to Lodge and public events. Brian Chappill E:

Brian is developing close contacts with the editors and journalists throughout the Province with a view to obtaining wider and more favourable coverage of our activities.

26 Name

Preston, Nicholas Gordon Bradley, Jon Paul

Emerson, Clive Lewis Flanagan, Lee John

Guilder, Tobias Lindsey Scott, David James Lynch, James John Pugh, David Glyn

White, Stephen Courtney Cranton, Scott Patrick Parsons, Nicholas

Newland, Stuart Richard Frost, Clyde Karl Kent, Allen Roy

Battley, Nicholas Mark Dutchman, Stephen Roy Harvey, David Lloyd

Barfoot, Daniel Charles Gregory, Neil Jonathan Polden, David Michael

Spender, Daniel Christopher Styles, Brian Richard

Hargrave, Stuart Nicklous Paul, Karl Leon

Roberts, Peter Stuart Bryan, Mitchell Leonard Cooper, David Timothy Tuite, Peter George

Collins, Richard Andrew

Lodge Date Initiated 9035

8547 9064 355

3129 663

2227 8435 8788 9064 1533 4037 1478 632 626

1271 2888 8388 1478 4037

Stirland, James Alexander Cooper 6114 Ratcliffe, Philip McCabe, Ian

1271 355

8620 2644 9587 4687 8788 355

9090 5908 632

04-Feb-12 06-Feb-12 06-Feb-12 10-Feb-12 15-Feb-12 17-Feb-12 21-Feb-12 23-Feb-12 29-Feb-12 05-Mar-12 06-Mar-12 07-Mar-12 07-Mar-12 12-Mar-12 13-Mar-12 14-Mar-12 20-Mar-12 26-Mar-12 04-Apr-12 04-Apr-12 11-Apr-12 11-Apr-12 13-Apr-12 14-Apr-12 16-Apr-12 18-Apr-12 24-Apr-12 25-Apr-12 27-Apr-12 30-Apr-12 03-May-12 14-May-12

Who to contact on the Provincial Information Team

Lodge Information Co-ordinators Ian Dunbar E:

Ian is the Information Co-ordinator for the Chippenham, Malmes- bury, Melksham and Calne Lodges. Paul Brown E:

Paul is the Information Co-ordinator for the Westbury, Trowbridge, Corsham, Warminster and Bradford–on-Avon Lodges. Gary Dolphin E:

Gary is the Information Co-ordinator for Swindon, Highworth, and Marlborough Lodges. David Davies E:

David has kindly agreed to be the Information Co-ordinator for the Salisbury, Downton and East Knoyle Lodges. Philip Mackie/Philip Bullock E: Philip Mackie:

Philip Bullock: Will jointly be the Information Co-ordinators for the Devizes and Ludgershall Lodges

Copy deadlines for Across the Plain Winter 2012 issue - Friday 14th September Summer 2013 issue - Friday 8th March

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