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A warm welcome to our 50th issue of Viva!life. I recall writing our first issue when Viva!

was only four months old. An eight page newsletter excitedly created in our home’s office-cum-garage in the backwaters of Church Minshull, Cheshire. It celebrated the work of our local groups and youth contacts who helped us launch Convert a Parentin towns across the UK. A campaign that was covered in over 200 newspapers with teenagers intelligently and passionately telling their mums and dads why they must go veggie! There were also some fascinating radio debates between children and their parents – the young had right on their side and performed with dignity, conviction and usually a knowledge that blew their parents away! Seventeen years on and countless

campaigns later – here is our 48 page colourful magazine that I hope you are proud of (see pages 30-31). You, because it’s our stalwart supporters that have enabled us to flourish. Hard evidence of our impact comes this week as new government statistics reveal that a massive three billion fewer meat-based meals were eaten in Britain in 2011 when compared to 2005. Over half the population is actively reducing its meat intake. Sales of dairy-free milk hit more than £136

million during 2010, compared with £87 million in 2006. In fact, soya milk is now the main milk choice in over four million of Britain’s 26 million households. Most importantly, 700,000 less land animals

were killed in 2011 than the previous year – a trend that continues as people like you help us reach the nation. See Tony Wardle’s fascinating personal review of our 17 years on pages 32-33. Pivotal to Viva!’s work are our undercover investigations. The idyllic scene of lambs

joyfully springing, as if their legs were part pogo stick, melts away as you read pages 8-10. Our Lambing Liescampaign exposes how these beautiful animals are treated with utter cruelty and neglect. An amazing 350 Easter actions took place around the UK highlighting the truth and we sent out an incredible 200,000 flyers in one week. Along with our wonderful

investigator, I visited a goat dairy farm and tell you about this rapidly growing industry on page 16 onwards. As cows’ milk sales decline, sadly some turn to goats’ milk in the false belief that it is the answer to their desire for a healthier, more animal welfare friendly alternative. No kidding, it’s neither! Watch our new film Nanny Stateat and please forward the film link to your friends. As always we’re here to inspire you with

delectable vegan food – and this issue is chocca! From classic recipes on page 23 to sweet delights on pages 29 and 46. To see inspirational cookery demos come along to our Cardiff Veggie Show on Saturday, Sept 29 (page 14). To learn how to give a talk and demo – and influence the next generation – I’ll see you at our next school speakers’ training day on Saturday, Sept 8 (page 43). I’m soon to brave Lake Windermere for

Viva!. I’m an appalling swimmer so this is a mad challenge but wish me stamina, luck and hope my blood is made from anti-freeze. Oh, and pleeease sponsor team Viva! (page 13).

Yours for the animals

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