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Why do you support Viva!? Judi Hewitt (right), Wales Animal Action

magazine 50 Juliet and Linda pictured in 1992 Linda McCartney, wrote

for first issue of Viva!life We look at an excerpt from ‘the Mac bites back’ “It is the need to campaign with well-researched

information on all aspects of vegetarianism that makes Viva! necessary. If we, the majority who love animals, are going to stop the terrible ways in which animals are abused for our plates then we have to have an international organisation. We really do live in a global village and I’m hoping that through Viva!, we can spread the word throughout the world that eating animals is wrong. We, you and me, are chipping away at the old traditions to replace them with better ideas. We’ve already come a long way out of the age of cruel ignorance and working together with organisations like Viva!, we’re going to change things for the better – fast!”

“I support Viva! because it is the only organisation that offers such expert advice on a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle for those seeking a healthier and more compassionate way of life. Viva! also exposes the meat and dairy industry with hard-hitting campaigns. I don't know of any other organisation that does more to help free animals from the chains of despair – thank you Viva!.” Check out Judi’s latest song for deer on YouTube

by visiting


Joyce Moss, campaigner for Wild Boar in the

Forest of Dean “Viva! is unique. It is a campaigning organisation, bringing the plight of farmed animals to public attention. Notable campaigns have included David Beckham’s kangaroo football boots, highlighting the biggest slaughter of land animals on the planet; Cadbury’s involvement in the cruel dairy industry and how all male chickens are killed at birth in the egg industry. Viva! says that the best way to help farmed animals is to go veggie and if possible vegan, suggesting attractive ways to do this. Intellectually, Viva! does it for me and it all makes sense. “I like the way Viva! helps local

people to support animals. It supported the Pembrokeshire effort to stop the Welsh Government culling badgers, with success. It has supported Friends of the Boar in the Forest of Dean, to get the Forestry Commission to rethink its views on the number of wild boar and the need for ‘culling’. Viva! has played a great supporting role in helping to secure a good future for these animals.”

Derek Hector, Badger

Campaigner “Viva! has played a large part in my life for more years than I care to remember. I attended Viva!’s Incredible Veggie Roadshow in Cardiff and on another occasion a talk by Juliet, near Aberdare. On both occasions I made friendships that continue to this day. “For this 50th edition I would

like to tell you about the long journey that led to Welsh badgers being vaccinated rather than being killed, in efforts to curb bovine TB. The Welsh Assembly announced plans for a ‘cull’ in April 2008. Viva! was on the ball and campaigns director, Justin, organised a very well attended rally outside their headquarters in Cardiff that June. “By 2010, a pilot cull area had

been announced and I began working closely with Viva! and members of the group, Pembrokeshire Against the Cull. If there is such a thing as vegan energy, Justin certainly has it. His report Badgers and Bovine TBhas been a really valuable source of information. “We were delighted in March

this year when the ‘cull’ plans were replaced by a vaccination programme for badgers and are so grateful to all the individuals and groups, including Viva!, who helped us win the fight in Wales.” 31

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