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Eat well, live long…

A long-term study of over 120,000 people, whose eating habits and health were followed for up to 28 years, revealed that red meat consumption increases overall mortality as well as the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer. It also looked at the intake of other food groups and investigated the effects of substituting red meat for protein-rich foods like nuts, pulses, poultry, fish, wholegrains and dairy products. Both processed and unprocessed red meats

were associated with an increased risk of total CVD and cancer mortality. The risk of total mortality increased by 13 per cent for each serving of unprocessed red meat per day and by a whopping 20 per cent for processed meat. On the other hand, replacing one serving of

red meat with one serving of nuts (26-30g/1oz or one small handful) reduced the risk of

mortality by an impressive 19 per cent. Pulses (one serving is 40-70g/1.5-2.5oz uncooked weight, 100-135g/4-5oz cooked weight) reduced the risk by 10 per cent while wholegrains (a slice of wholemeal bread, half a cup of cooked grains like brown rice, quinoa or bulgur, half of a wholemeal pitta bread, half a cup of wholemeal pasta or 30g/1.2oz cereal) reduced it by 14 per cent. Nuts and seeds are not only healthy and

full of vital nutrients such as protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, they are also very versatile. Eat them as a healthy snack on their own, with dried fruits or add them to a salad, risotto or pasta. Use nut or seed butters in sandwiches or nut roasts.

Pan, A. et al., 2012. Red Meat Consumption and Mortality. Archives of Internal Medicine. Published online ahead of print, March 2012. E1-E9

19% 10% 14%

reduced risk of mortality reduced risk of mortality reduced risk of mortality

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