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Tell Makro to stop selling live animals!

Viva! and Animal Aid have joined forces to try and persuade Makro to end the sale of live animals at their stores across the UK. Currently, live lobsters and crabs are

being sold to whoever wants them with Makro having no control over how they are killed. Essentially, they are washing their hands of responsibility once the money is in the till. Viva! has filmed undercover at a

number of Makro stores and staff told our investigators the best way to kill lobsters was either to throw them alive into boiling water or “just look it up on the internet”. They cared so little about the welfare of these live

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The most

Last issue we revealed our shocking pig farm exposé, which graphically illustrated the routine mutilations that most British piglets endure. Teeth clipping and tail docking are carried out at just a few days old and almost always without anaesthetic. But it’s not just piglets. On

page 16 our exposé of goat farming shows infant animals separated from their mothers and grossly mutilated without pain relief. At Easter, another of our investigations – this time into the British sheep industry – showed that many lambs are also subjected to painful procedures such as tail docking and castration (again, more in this issue). We revealed that there isn’t even an anaesthetic licenced specifically for sheep in this country. That’s how little the industry cares. Mutilations are frequently done simply

to make the farmer’s life easier but the underlying cause is to avoid problems that are a direct result of modern farming methods. We are currently in talks with MPs about the best way to end the mutilation of baby 11

animals that one assistant simply suggested adding salt and pepper to the boiling water to “improve the flavour”. There are no

guidelines governing

their slaughter. It is a myth that crabs and lobsters do not feel pain. It is a prolonged and excruciating death. All animals killed for meat

will suffer, but selling live animals promotes even greater suffering. Please contact Makro and politely ask them to stop. Email: Tel.: 0844 445 7445 For a suggested message to Makro (and a lobster pack) visit lobsters or phone us on 0117 944 1000 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 6pm).

Viva! campaigns to end farmed animal mutilation


farmed animals and we hope to have news soon. We are also planning a powerful campaign to highlight their plight. We know that political lobbying is one way to tackle this but the best and most immediate way to end mutilations is to get consumers to dump meat and dairy from their diets. And we will be doing that, too. If you haven’t already written to the


active for pigs at

Government to demand an end to piglet mutilations there is still time. Visit for everything you need. Alternatively, contact us for your sample letter, free Pig Action pack and door-dropper leaflets. (See page 4 for our contact details.)


Viva! filmed live lobsters at Makro stores across the UK

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