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SINCE 2003 over 1,700 Maritime Reservists have been brought into Service, a number of whom have completed multiple periods of mobilised service. Mobilisation is the process by which members of the Reserve Forces are brought into regular service.

Based within NPT (Reserves)

the Mobilisation Team liaise directly with the Augmentation and Crisis Management Planning cell (ACMP) and the


branch managers to identify the most suitable candidates to fill operational posts worldwide in support of RN and Defence objectives.

Before a reservist may be called into Service, a Government Call- Out Order must be authorised by the Secretary of State for Defence. Personnel are selected through Intelligent Selection to ensure that reservists who are put forward are both appropriately trained and personally prepared.

Throughout the process the

reservist’s employer’s views are taken into consideration. Once accepted into


a reservist may be retained in Permanent Service for a period of up to 12 months depending

A year in the Reserves

of Libya began, a number of

Maritime Reservists readily made themselves available, mobilising and joining their units at short notice.

At the time of writing, 44

personnel have been mobilised in 2012.

The Maritime Reserve (MR) continues to support the UK’s Main Effort in Afghanistan with the timely provision

of suitably

trained personnel in a variety of roles

including Royal Marines

Reserve personnel. Twenty RMR personnel deploy

will Drafty’s corner

upon the operation that they are supporting. During this period a mobilised

reservist is, to all intents and purposes, a regular. Throughout 2011,


Maritime Reservists mobilised in order to provide niche capabilities in support of a wide range of operations including Herrick, Atalanta and in the Gulf. When operations off the coast

to an upcoming

Afghanistan deployment. The Royal Naval Reserve

provides a wide range of capabilities including Medical, Intelligence,

Media and Information Operations.

A similar range of skill- sets are provided to UKMCC, Bahrain while the RNR Maritime Trade Operations specialisation maintains a team of six reservists with support from three regular ratings in UKMTO, Dubai. In addition to maintaining this

operational tempo, the MR will be mass mobilising nearly 350 personnel to support the London 2012 Olympic Games.

in Weymouth, afloat

Some 220 RNR and 80 RMR

personnel will undertake security tasks in support of London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games in and around the Olympic venues.

In addition to these 50 MR

personnel from eight different specialisations will support security tasks including personnel from 2 Raider Troop, RNR divers and Ship To Objective Manoeuvre (STOM) officers. Based

London and and ashore

these personnel will provide niche capability to MOD commitments to the civilian authorities. This is the largest number of

Naval service personnel to pass through a Mobilisation Centre since World War 2 and represents a particular challenge to the NPT. This has presented the mobilisation team with the opportunity to work more closely with their opposite numbers at the Army’s Reinforcements Training and Mounting Centre.

The challenge has been met head on and the Maritime Reserve will both deliver to the Olympic Games and continue to meet its operational commitments worldwide.

● Launch of Armed Forces Day in Scotland at HMS Caledonia Picture: Mark Owen

Gearing up for Armed

Forces Day

A ROYAL Marines Band joined representatives from

Rain or shine, there’ll always be NFF

The planned Federation Ministerial brief for June had to be re-scheduled due to government business. The result being the NFF brief has been sent to the Minister, Andrew Robathan MP, Minister for Personnel, Veterans and Welfare, to read and digest. The busy diaries that are affecting all mean that plans can change at

the last minute

and being responsive and nimble are important skills for all of us...

It will therefore come as no

surprise that this article in Navy News looks different to the one planned, however, we felt that readers would want to have a summary of some of the subjects that are included in our submitted script:

There remain some areas

that form a basis for discussions across all Services; Housing and Education being amongst the biggest topics, but part of the aim of the Ministerial meeting is to provoke thought in areas that are

not always immediately

obvious as having an impact on family life.

Lifting the mist and giving decision-makers a chance to understand that each of the services has different working and therefore home lives led to the first point: ■ A meeting with the Secretary

of State Difficulties for not only families

but also staff working within the newly-formed HASCs led to the next point:

38 JULY 2012 :

THE WEATHER may have left some of us scratching our heads about the time of year, however, summer really is here and the pace is showing no sign of slowing, writes Jane Williams of the Naval Families Federation.

■ A commitment to properly resource the areas of MOD that directly impact on our families liberating the Federations to do what we should be doing, proactive rather than reactive work and fire-fighting.

A request for feedback from

families of those Service Personnel who have suffered injury motivated the subject of: ■ A formal study into the

positive and negative experiences of the families of the injured The continued commitment the

Naval Service offers to support events beyond the


fighting arms of the Royal Navy: ■ And some formal recognition from the Government for families and serving personnel who are being asked to go the extra mile in support of the Olympics. As ever,

your feedback and

comments form the basis of all our discussions. What would you wish to highlight to the Minister? Please get in touch.

A Busy Summer We shall be attending Families

Days for HMS Sutherland, CTCRM Lympstone, RM Poole, Hasler Company, HMS York, 45 Commando, HMS St Albans and HMS Bulwark (so far confirmed), plus an information day at 40 Commando. If you are attending any of these events or if you spot our NFF stand out and about, please come over and meet the team, we would be delighted to answer any questions that you may have.

BFPO addresses to be recognised for online shopping and by Credit Ratings Agencies Service personnel and families

their serving overseas

or onboard HM ships and submarines can


difficulty when purchasing online products and services, due to the inability of websites to recognise

BFPO addresses. An additional issue is

that BFPO addresses are not recognised by credit reference agencies when determining credit ratings; causing rating deficiencies

for those

serving overseas. of

One of the aims the Armed Forces

Covenant is to improve the access of personnel to commercial products and services.

BFPO and Royal Mail

have worked together to solve these issues by introducing a UK ‘shadow’ postcode database for all BFPO addresses. In addition to improving access to a range of online services and making it easier to access Government online services, this will assist credit reference agencies with their assessments, so personnel serving overseas can maintain a UK credit history that is recognised by financial service providers and in turn improves access to financial products. The solution has been achieved by linking each BFPO number with a unique UK style (non- geographic) postcode. The new post codes are a commercial product; the MOD and Royal Mail cannot tell companies to buy them.

It is anticipated that credit

rating agencies and Government Departments will be among the first to use the new postcodes and that other companies will begin to update their internet services in due course. Service

personnel serving

overseas are encouraged to provide feedback to their Chain of Command. You can also send feedback to BFPO: DESBFPO-Enquiries@ or DES BFPO- ENQUIRIES.

Further details are available on the BFPO section of the MOD website

or personnel can see

2012DIN01-103 on the Defence Intranet.

NFF now on Linkedin. Linkedin is the business

equivalent to Facebook and the NFF now has its own group. Connect with us to keep up to

date with information and join in with discussions. An update from last month’s

Navy News article. The planned ‘go live’


for the enhanced e-1132 (application for Service Families Accommodation) changed from May 29 to June 20. The date changed after Navy

News had gone to press, so we apologise for any confusion this may have caused. Feedback is still being requested

by both DIO and the Chain of Command; please go to www.nff. to complete our on-line feedback form. Your experiences form the basis of our discussions. To

get in touch with the

NFF: tel: 02392 654374, email: or write to Castaway House, 311 Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 8RN.

THE Reach Society Careers Fair was held on HMS President in a sunny April. The event focused on black youth, and all three Services were there to welcome visitors, along with Welbeck Sixth Form College.

Services to launch Armed Forces Day in Scotland. This will have been the fourth

all three

Armed Forces Day, this year due to take place on June 30, just before this edition hits the shops. The focus of the national event, an annual opportunity for the nation to celebrate the Armed Forces, was Plymouth this year. However despite it being the

south-west’s turn for the main hosting duties,

thrown its own national weight behind it.

Scotland has

Edinburgh Garrison Col Philip Bates said: “Local authorities and communities across Scotland are really working hard to provide a great day full of celebrations in support of our Armed Forces.” Cdr Sarah West, Commanding Officer of HMS Portland, said: “I would like to thank local communities for their continued support.

company will be taking part in Edinburgh’s Armed Forces Day event in Princes Street Gardens.”

“HMS Portland’s ship’s Commander Headquarters

In among the visitors exploring the Reserves base, meeting with the military and building Type 45 destroyers out of plastic bricks, the Diversity Awareness teams from all three Services took advantage of the opportunity to promote Armed Forces Day. If you would like to find out more about Diversity Recruitment, please contact CPO Chris Eade on 020 7414 3874.

Watch out for TwoSix

THE latest edition of features the Fleet Commander’s annual message, Cdr Barrand updating on divisional matters, interviews with members of the Naval community, and an Olympic update on board HMS Ocean.

The DVD has been aligned with the Personnel Support Brief to provide an enhanced package for sharing information. If you want to get your message out through these pages or the TwoSix. tv DVD, please contact: ■ Pauline Aquilina: 9621 85984 ■ WO1 Russ Billings: 93832 5081 Pauline Aquilina is also the first point of contact for the RN Facebook site.

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