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Lou Foster-Wilson is a GMB workplace organiser and staff nurse. She explains how GMB is helping ordinary people fight for the NHS

severe reforms enforced by this current government, the NHS continues, largely because of people like Lou and their unrelenting faith in its original principles. Lou says: “It scares me, the damage this government continues to inflict on our health service. It has been a lifeline for the most vulnerable in our society, but they don’t seem to care as they rapidly erode this vital safety net. The truth is that we have to stand up and fight for our NHS. Despite the passing of the Health and Social Care Bill, which paves the way for further privatisation, the fight isn’t over.” Union organisation is the key to ensuring that the views of ordinary people are heard. “Strength in numbers is key,” says Lou. “So working with the GMB regional organising team we looked at how we could raise the profile of GMB across the Trust, improve communications with members and encourage more people to get involved. “In the last few months we have raised


our profile massively, simple things like ensuring that our contact posters have gone up on notice boards and have been

“In the space of just

membership has over a third.”

abour MP Aneurin Bevan once said the NHS ‘will last as long as there are folk with the faith to fight for it’. Despite the attacks and

distributed to all departments. We try to respond quickly to issues, we have a growing email network so that we can get information out quickly and consequently, we now have the reputation of being the campaigning union in the Trust.” And this campaigning spirit attracts

new members. Lou confirms: “On any issue, GMB is always at the fore. As an active union, more and more people are drawn to us and in the space of just a few months our membership has grown by just over a third.” Lou says that she

feels privileged to be a GMB workplace organiser: “Everyone has a role to play in GMB, to help empower our members both at work and in life generally.” In her short time, Lou has achieved so much, from representing members at work to leading campaigns such as the vigil to oppose the final reading of the Health and Social Care Bill and working with our Learning and Organising Team to establish a learning centre at Cougar Park. “I am driven by the principles of fairness and equality,” explains Lou. “Everyone deserves fairness and equality. Working together, at work or on the larger political landscape, we can get closer to achieving this.” 07

OVER!” “The fight isn’t


a few months our grown by just

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