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orkshire & North Derbyshire region joined forces with three other GMB regions on 2 May, to protest against the unfair

treatment of fellow members employed by Carillion in Swindon. Demonstrations took place simultaneously outside of Carillion premises in support of members working at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon who are in a long-running dispute over conditions. Workers at the hospital have already taken

bullying – or else! Members rally to show Carillion

MEDICAL MATTERS GMB members stand up against bullying.

part in 18 days of strike action over allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination (see p12 of the national section for more information). Bill Chard, GMB membership

development of icer, said: “We were more than happy to get behind the Swindon members and show Carillion that they are not just taking on 150 workers, but instead they are igniting the might of GMB right across the UK. We do not tolerate bullying or racism – their fight is our fight.”


GMB recognised at North Doncaster Development Trust

When North Doncaster Development Trust changed its employees’ terms and conditions, workers contacted GMB immediately. GMB members onsite started a recruitment campaign and quickly secured a majority membership, before holding a consultation meeting with the company. Rachel Harrison, GMB organisation of icer,

who was involved in the process, said: “The company has now entered into a voluntary


WORKING WONDERS Doncaster Development Trust employees fight back.

recognition agreement with GMB and we are currently in the process of electing a workplace representative. This agreement has come about through the sheer hard work and determination of our members to get GMB recognised and credit must go to them.”

SHOP TACTICS Poundworld workers gain support from GMB.

Poundworld workers at the distribution centre in Normanton have been joining GMB in droves as they fight for their rights. One of their main complaints is that they are not treated with dignity and that the canteen is not fit to eat in. Shift changes and compulsory weekend working are other key issues. GMB requested a meeting to discuss recognition but has received no response. Rachel Dix, from GMB’s regional

organising team, said: “Our members at Poundworld have asked GMB for help – these workers badly need a union to defend their interests and to further their aims.”


At their special AGM meeting in March, the Shef ield Private Hire Association made the historic decision to join forces with GMB. The Association will now be merged with the Yorkshire Professional Drivers’ Association, a branch of GMB. There were more than 200 members

who voted on the decision, and the result was unanimous and resounding. GMB membership will ensure that

association representatives receive free training and legal support on all workplace matters, as well as access to the GMB’s legal expertise, wider campaigns and political support. Added benefits like GMB’s city centre, regional and national facilities will also ensure that Shef ield’s private hire members will become a strong and coherent force.

DRIVERS’ ASSOCIATION Peter Davies, Aftab Ahmed, Mohammed Yasin, Waheed Bhatti.


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