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of their factories, leaving hundreds of workers on the scrapheap. GMB and Unite members ran


demonstrations outside the Department for Work and Pensions’ of ices in London and Shef ield and outside the Secretary of State’s of ice in Edinburgh. The government’s decision to close 36 of

the 54 Remploy sites this summer will result in compulsory redundancies for 1,752 people, and out of these 1,518 are disabled.

JOBS Save our

undreds of disabled Remploy workers from across the UK came together to protest against the government’s closure of 36

During his speech he

pledged his commitment and support to the desperate workers. Speaking to The

Pulse, Paul said: “The last time we saw Remploy factory

closures it resulted in 90% of those people who lost their

PROTESTERS Tony Gledhill, James Stribley and Neil Derrick, GMB senior organiser.

The decision was made on 7 March, just days after the government announced the Welfare Bill aimed at helping people into work. In Shef ield hundreds of marchers made their way to theTown Hall where 36 white balloons were released to signify each closure. Paul Kenny, GMB general secretary,


“36 balloons were released to signify each closure.”

jobs sitting at home on benefits and they have not worked since.” Phil Davies, GMB national secretary, commented: “These demonstrations are a measure of the massive public support for the continuation of

Remploy factories. It is now clear that this

government will use the money that was agreed to employ disabled people to privatise its Employment Services business. “It is outrageous that the government can

travelled to Shef ield from his London base to

take away the jobs of disabled workers the length and breadth of the UK to carry out an ideological privatisation.”


In Leeds, Remploy workers took their fight to the annual Conservative Local Government Conference. Gathering outside the plush Queens Hotel, where the conference took place, demonstrators waved banners and shouted chants. James Stribley, Remploy worker, GMB

activist and CEC member told The Pulse: “We feel betrayed by the Tory government. Factory closures will mean a life of misery. Where are sacked Remploy workers going to find a job in these harsh economic times? It’s disgusting putting disabled people out of work.”

stage demos against Remploy workers

factory closures

address more than 300 people who had crammed into the Town Hall.


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