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Ann’s 40 fantastic years with GMB Page 28


4 Remploy demo Members hit the streets to protest job cuts

5 Bin paid more Pay rise secured for region’s refuse workers

6 Carillion solidarity GMB members support Swindon strikers

7 In good health How GMB is helping keep the NHS alive

25 Right on! Make sure you know your rights at work

26 Legal eagles How GMB helps asbestos victims in court

27 It’s a fair COP A new education scheme from GMB

28 Happy anniversary! Ann Sharp celebrates 40 years with GMB

29 Win a television! Give us your details to win great prizes

30 Contact GMB Names and numbers you can call on

All the news from GMB Congress 2012 Page 9


9 GMB Congress 2012 All the news from Brighton

11 Paul Kenny A word from your general secretary

13 GMB@WORK How to find postholder resources online

14 Who pays the Tories? Paul Routledge on fat cat Tory donors

16 GMB in Malawi How G4S workers struggle in Africa

19 Asbestos victory Historic ruling will make a big diff erence

20 Blacklisting scandal Illegal blacklisting charted across the UK

21 Win £300! Just tell us how you want your magazine!

22 Public services update Pensions latest and much more

24 TUC rally Fight for your rights on 20 October

They will not starve our members back to work

The region went to GMB Congress on the high of our fifth consecutive year of membership growth. This growth has once again been achieved

by being visible, supportive and campaigning on issues that matter to you. It was particularly pleasing therefore, that this was recognised by our activists winning three awards: Stacey Booth for her work on health and safety; Nikki Sharp deservedly collecting the award for her amazing work in the community; and Colin Hampton collecting the award for outstanding activist. Congress also paid tribute to our SOVA Shef ield members who, despite their derisory pay and conditions, are in the middle of strike action as a result of their employer making a number redundant. For those who are ‘fortunate’ enough to still have a job, they are being forced to work compulsory weekends for the minimum wage and no enhancement. A bucket collection raised almost £1,000

and this was taken back to our members with the clear message that these employers will not starve our members back to work. Congress also passed a political document

making clear that gone are the days when GMB gives assistance to the Labour party and gets nothing back in return and we will see a timely return to full-time political of icers across our regions. Away from Congress, the region is

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launching the Thorne Credit Union (TCU). For more details – or to sign up, like me – visit And what about our York branch secretary,

Clive Warley, rightly being rewarded for his fantastic service to GMB and the city council by carrying the Olympic Torch. Finally, a message for GMB young

members; watch out for our competition and survey coming your way and a chance to win tickets to the Leeds Festival and to help us build your union for the next generation. All in all, we are in good shape – and I

Then please contact Debbie Blackman on 01225 442244 (ex 2243) Would you like to advertise in GMB Pulse magazine?

thank you for your membership, which I value so highly. 03

Tim Roache GMB Yorkshire and North Derbyshire regional secretary

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