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Right on


verybody at work needs basic protection from unfair treatment. But your employment rights are

under a sly attack. It is not being done with any great fanfare, but the government is slicing away at your rights. Some already have to wait an extra year before they get protection from unfair dismissal and there are proposals to reduce maternity leave and make a fee payable before taking a claim to an employment tribunal. That is why the TUC has launched the Employee Rights Stop Employment Wrongs campaign. Many of the worst proposals are not yet firm government policy, and we have every chance of stopping them.

Join the TUC campaign to protect your rights

This is because there are big arguments between ministers. Some on the right are cheering on a secret report from multi-millionaire and big Conservative party donor, Adrian Beecroft, who wants a bonfire of workplace protection. He has even called for all maternity rights to be scrapped. Others, including Liberal Democrat ministers, are less keen – though they still back some attacks and have come up with some of their own. We need to spread the word so ministers can see that they can’t get away with doing this in secret. The best way to support the campaign is to visit, and sign the petition for updates on future campaign actions.

Labour gains in Leeds

Local elections give boost to Labour

LABOUR LEEDS GMB members made Labour gains in the city.

members. The voters also gave a resounding ‘no’ to the government proposals for elected mayors. Leeds was ruled by an alliance of Tories and Lib Dems until a few years ago. Following a 12-week refuse and street cleansing strike, many Leeds citizens turned against the coalition, who were trying to take up to £6,000 a year from the pay packets of GMB members. At the next election, Labour made gains, but still


eeds electors have voted in an additional eight Labour council members, five of whom are GMB

had to rely on some of the minority parties in order to rule. Following this May’s election, Labour now holds 63 of the 99 council seats.

GMB members who made Labour gains were Christine Towler (Hyde Park), Maureen Ingham (Burmantofts), Judith Cummins, (Temple Newsam), Alex Sobel (Moortown) and David Nagle (Rothwell). An additional seven GMB members held Labour seats. Councillor and branch secretary, Javaid Akhtar said: “The GMB support has been fantastic. In my ward all three councillors are GMB members. Our shared values are important to us.” 25


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