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MARCHINOCTOBER The lastTUCmarch attracted 500,000 union activists.


March on

housandsofGMBmembers and other union activists will be in Londonon20October todemand ‘AFutureThatWorks’.Themarch

throughthe capital, ending with a rally in Hyde Park, is organised by the TUCin response to continued attacksonpublic sectorworkers by the coalition government. “The tide is turning against austerity,”

DaTefor yourDiary 20october

Speak to yourGMBregional office about gettingto London.

saysTUCgeneral secretary BrendanBarber. “We were told that spending cuts were needed to get the economy growing, yet

Jointhemarch forafuture thatworks

they have driven the UKback into recession. Wewere told thatwe were all in it together, yet MrCameron’s main purpose at theG8summitseemedto beprotecting the banks against the growing support for a Robin Hood Tax – and the centrepiece of

thelastbudgetwas to cutthe50ptax rate. “It is becoming ever clearer that this

government does not have the policies – orevenmuchofacommitment– to build

a prosperous economy that cangenerate the jobs and industriesweneed for the future. The best ministers can do is proposals tomakeit easier to sack people. “We expect a huge turnout fromthe

a pr ous ec y that can gener

growingnumbers thatwant a future that works. With the USA and France now setting out the alternative, it’s time the UK also changed course.” TheTUC’s March For The Alternative demonstrationon26March last year saw 500,000people take to the streets in protest at coalition cuts, signalling the start ofanewstrength for the unions. This autumn’s rally will surely buildonthat.


IT’S NOTASIFTHISCOUNTRY wasexactly short of issues.Weface urgent problems like astricken economy,recordyouth unemployment and the gap between the super-richand everyone else. Yetthe government is devoting precious time and energy to attack, of all things,rights at work.

24 Astealthy series of changes that add

up to awholesale assault. Already an extra year to wait for

protection against unfair sackings,with reduced maternity rights and more dangerous workplaces in the pipeline. These sly attacks havenothing to do with getting the economy moving.They

come from the same people who fought the minimum wage and paid holidays. By slicing away abit at atime, they

hope no-one will notice. But we have, and youshould too. Visit the website to find out more, and

tell ministers they’ve been rumbled.


naTional uPDaTe


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