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GMB seeks more talks over pension reforms


MB members employed in the National Health Service have voted by a whopping 96.5 per cent to reject proposed changes

to the NHS pension scheme. More than 30,000 NHS members turned

down the off er. The members work across the NHS as paramedics, ambulance staff , hospital, community and district nurses, ancillary staff in cleaning, catering and maintenance and of ice support staff . GMB continues to press the government for compromise. In a letter to GMB, the secretary of state

for health, Andrew Lansley, acknowledged that GMB has “played a constructive role in negotiations.” He recognised that the proposed increases in contributions and the proposed increase in retirement age were

service members

accept proposal GMB members in the prison service have voted to accept the civil service pension proposals by a three- to-one majority.




Members working in higher education should reject a marginally improved pay off er of one per cent, says GMB. Union representatives are calling for RPI as at March 2012, as well as catch-up for lost pay due to pay freezes in previous years.

GMB says the latest off er is an insult – especially when measured against increases in university surpluses and income. GMB is now looking forward to an improved pay off er from HE bosses that recognises its members’ skills and commitment and properly rewards them.


the reasons why GMB was recommending a rejection of the off er.

Mr Lansley added, “I have been very clear that I wish to protect the lower paid.” GMB is now seeking clarity on that statement, given that the current proposals do not off er any guarantees that this will be the case.


New report reveals shockingly high levels of asbestos in schools

More than 75 per cent of schools across the UK contain some asbestos, according to a damning new report by an all-party parliamentary group on occupational health and safety. This telling extract from the report

shows the danger in our schools from this hidden killer: “As the asbestos materials deteriorate, the number of teachers dying from mesothelioma has increased from three a year in the 1980s to 16 a year in the latest period. More than 228 school teachers have

died of mesothelioma since 1980, with 140 dying in the last 10 years. School caretakers, cleaners, cooks, secretaries, teaching assistants and nursery nurses have also died of the cancer.” If you think you have been

exposed to asbestos at work, get your name on GMB’s asbestos register (see page 19 to find out how). To read the full all-party parliamentary group report, go to: 23

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