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LandmarkSupremeCourtrulingwillhelpasbestosvictims get thecompensationtheydeserve

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t the compensation they deserve

UK has ruled in favour of asbestos victims. In the landmark ruling, judges at the Supreme Court agreed that employers are liable for insurance at the time an employee is exposed to asbestos – not when symptoms appear – and must pay compensation in cases of work-related asbestos illness. This victory shows


the importance of GMBlegal services and means that compensation for workers exposed to deadly asbestos will no longer be a lottery over the meaning of small print in company insurance policies. Insurers fought

n one of the biggest cases in the history of asbestos law, the highest court in the

SupreMecourt The highest court in theUK.

would not have received any compensation. But this ruling finally lays to rest the uncertainty for victims who were caught up in an attack by greedy insurers trying to avoid paying out. In the lead case that lead to the ruling, the family of Charles O’Farrell (who died from mesothelioma in 2003), was3), was

represented by Thompsons Solicitors. Mr

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against a decision of this kind to avoid compensation pay- outs to victims of mesothelioma, the cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. They argued that policies were triggered

SerIouShAzArd Mesotheliomakills at least 2,500people every year.

compensation as workers had to “sus y or

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not by exposure to asbestos itself, but by the development of the disease – always decades later when there is no insurance in place. But the Supreme Court judges rejected these arguments, ending a six-year battle knownas the ‘trigger issue’ litigation. Had the insurers been successful in court,

manyGMBmembers and their familieswhose lives have been devastated by asbestos

were working for the employer and within a 12-month period of the insurance policy. But the Supreme Court judges decided

that the words in the policies referred to the time when the disease was caused, not to when it developed. “The whole purpose of these policies,” they concluded, “was to insure employers against liability to their employees.” Shocking levels of asbestos found in schools: seepage23.

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If youthink youmight havebeen exposed to asbestos atwork, call your regional office nowto get yourname onGMB’s asbestos register.Theregisterisapermanent database that canmake it faster formemberswhodevelopan asbestos-relateddisease toget the compensationtheydeserve. It is currently runningin every region.


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Getonthe GMBregister

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