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ElectricitySupply Pensioners

Electricity Supply Pensioners

Associationof Association of

●Is thereapension crisis? ●Is your scheme in deficit? ●Is your scheme about to be merged?

●Are youfully protected if your employergoes bust?

Join us in defending and improving ESPS pensions Please subscribe £10 pa to:

AESP,Box no.64,Ashtead, SurreyKT21 2YS Or visit our


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Brand new book documents thehistoryofGMB


roudof its past and sure of its future, GMBis the product of ordinary – and yet

themost extraordinary – people. People who have consistently proved themselves stronger together than apart.Nowa richly illustrated newbook tells the story of those people and their endeavours to ensure a better future for the many, not the few. Forged in the furnaces of the

Beckton Gasworks, there have been GMB members since 1889. As the first history ofGMBfor more than 50 years,GMB@WORK


The Story Behind The Union charts the development of GMB, from its early days under Will Thorne, when lock-outs and street fightswere common,through the hunger marches and the Blitz to the establishment of the welfare state and beyond. It also shows howtoday’sGMB

has grown in confidence and strength since 2005, bucking the trend for trade union decline and merger, to establish itself as a significant force in the political and industrial landscape, tackling the roots of inequality when no one else would, or could.

GMB@WORK The Story Behind The Union costs just £10 to members and £25 to non-members. For your copy, send a cheque made payable toGMBto HelenHeath,GMB,22\24 WorpleRoad,LondonSW194DD, along with yourGMBmembership number andhomeaddress.

ORK The Story Behind The

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