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STANLEY FINK Donated £218,700 to the Conservative Party.


Daily Mirror political correspondent Paul Routledge exposes the fat cats funding the Tories

he Tories hate being portrayed as the party of the rich. Out of touch with ordinary people and in the pockets of the wealthy. They hate it

because it’s true, but under pressure, even their own people admit it. Conservative treasurer Peter Cruddas quit

after being filmed off ering dinner with David Cameron for £250,000 a time, and Tory MP Nadine Dorries was called “Mad Nad” by Cameron’s cronies when she accused him and his little-rich-boy chancellor George Osborne of being “arrogant posh boys who don’t know the price of milk”. Of course, this is good knockabout stuff – the entertaining theatre of Westminster


politics. But the real drama lies behind the scenes, where fat cats from the Square Mile are funding the Tories with untold millions to keep them in power. Latest figures show that City tycoons

contributed more than half of the big haul that went into Conservative Party coff ers last year. The money comes from the bosses of hedge funds, financial companies and private equity outfits – the get-rich-quick merchants who buy and sell workers’ jobs to line their own pockets. This is the Sunday Times Rich List at work, the men – and they are mostly men – who are doing well out of the recession and want to keep it that way.

Of the £12 million given to the Tories in the year to last September, more than half came from City slickers. £3.3m came from hedge funds, private equity bosses and financiers, while 50 top donors paid more than £50,000 each, which qualifies them for membership of the Leader’s Group, giving direct access to the prime minister and his cabinet colleagues.

Then there’s education secretary Michael Gove. the coalition’s ideological guru, who has picked up an astonishing £647,544 in donations, sponsorship and remuneration over a number of years. Most of the givers are scarcely known to the public, except through the Sunday Times’ annual roll-call

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