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Our website makes life a doddle for GMB postholders S

o you’ve taken the plunge, and become a GMB postholder. You’re going to be looking after other GMB members in your workplace,

writing newsletters, calling meetings, making posters, mapping your workplace and making sure your members understand the reasons behind workplace ballots. It may sound daunting, but many

members have done this before, and have

found it enjoyable and rewarding. But where should you begin?

• First of all, head to gmbwork.aspx and log-in to find all the

items you’ll need in your new role.

• If you haven’t already signed up for a login in the members’ area of the website,

click on ‘Register’ in the top right-hand

corner of the page. Then enter your GMB membership number and a password of your choice to get set up.

• Once logged-in, you can access useful tools, from templates to GMB logos, download

updates for your GMB workplace organiser toolkit and for your noticeboard toolkit.

• You can also use the site to find out about training, and to contact your regional

national organising team member directly. • Don’t forget to send us your newsletters!

VWhat have we missed?

isit the website and let us know what improvements or extra resources you would like to see in future.

ONLINE SUPPORT GMB@WORK is a great resource for postholders.

Members’ statement: financial aff airs of the union

A member who is concerned that some irregularity may be occurring, or has occurred, in the conduct of the financial aff airs of the union may take steps with a view to investigating further, obtaining clarification and, if necessary, securing regularisation of that conduct.

The member may raise any such concern with one or more of the following as seems appropriate: the of icials of the union; the trustees of the property of the union; the auditor(s) of the union; the certification of icer (an independent of icer appointed by the secretary of state); and the police.

Where a member believes the financial

aff airs of the union have been or are being conducted in breach of the law or the rules of the union and contemplates bringing civil proceedings against the union or responsible of icials or trustees, he should consider obtaining independent legal advice. 13


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