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GMB is packed with people who make a diff erence in the world of work and in their communities


never cease to be amazed by the wonderful people who make up our GMB. They may not receive the adulation of the masses or the gushing praise heaped on rock

stars or premiership footballers, but the burning sense of pride so many members get just by helping others gives hope to us all that one day doing the right thing will be seen as also doing the smart thing.


Take Joe Murphy for example. A lifelong GMB member and master craftsman, Joe works in Barrow-in-Furness at BAE systems. Welding to the highest standards is not just a job but a vocation. Joe is passionate about young people

having apprenticeships, with work, skills and a future. He has been passing on his knowledge, skills and experience as he trains a new generation of metalworking apprentices – an asset for the future growth of our manufacturing industry and a new generation vital to create growth in our economy. At Congress, we presented Joe with a surprise award for his service and

dedication to others. Joe resembles so many of our members who work hard helping others every single day of the year! GMB is jam-packed with people who make a diff erence in the world of work and in their communities. To see Joe getting his award at Congress, go to

Compare their motivation to those in our society who, despite their millionaire status, look to pay less tax than a pensioner or an apprentice. These selfish, greedy prima donnas are


often among the first to complain about those forced to rely on unemployment benefits or family tax credits, while they are experts on how to dodge their own commitment to pay their wack. Morally indefensible, the prime minister

called it. Well he would know all about that wouldn’t he? David Cameron’s government latest attack on employment rights aff ects millions of workers. It would be a whole lot better for our country if the government created real jobs for young people, rather than plans to throw them on the streets.

He is silent about the morally indefensible blacklisting of thousands of workers by companies like Carillion (see pages 12 and 20) and the scandalous moves to allow employers to sack people just because they want to. Fear, bullying, harassment and victimisation. Why not speak out on these things being morally indefensible, Mr Cameron?

BLACKLISTING But GMB will not buckle under threats

to our members. Millions of working people who are not in trade unions are going to discover, very quicky, that the only voice left to stand up for them is the trade union movement.

I end with a plea for everyone to visit to view Congress TV and listen to Alan Duncan from GMB Scotland talking about the tragic and preventable loss of his son David and follow Alan’s plea to help stop the needless deaths of others. It is a moving story that helps to remind us all about those amazing people who fill the ranks of GMB.



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PAUL KENNY A word from your GMB general secretary

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