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GMB and Asda/Walmart UK signed a new national agreement covering

distribution depots across England, Wales and Scotland. “This agreement represents a huge step

forward,” said Paul Kenny. “The growing confidence in the benefits that collective bargaining can bring to productivity, staff retention, growth and positive and stable industrial relations is there for all to see, following all the hard work of all the parties involved over the past few years. We have laid solid foundations and we must now work to build on this agreement, which is a great success story for Asda and GMB.”


Paul Kenny also thanked retiring national secretaries Phil Davies and

Keith Hazlewood for their years of work on behalf of GMB members. Phil’s determination to save Remploy factories from closure has been extraordinary, as has his commitment to members in manufacturing, while Keith’s

long service and dedication to members in engineering, shipbuilding and the off shore industries has taken him all over the UK!


Congress pressed the reset button on GMB’s relationship with the Labour

• A systematic approach to bringing political education and activism back to

• A network of GMB councillors with services and a budget to keep up-to-date

our members • Re-instatement of political education

information flowing between the union and its activists across the UK

party. A special report showed how Labour has drifted away from the GMB members’ concerns and become too close to the rich elite. The report concluded that GMB members have to get involved in the Labour party and stand for elected of ice to see their views represented. Congress agreed the following 14-point plan of action to close the gap between the Labour leadership and its grassroots supporters in GMB.

• Re-establishment of regional political of icers

• Regional councils to receive political reports

courses so that a new generation can discover our political roots and help re- define our future political activity

• Political progress reports to be part of every regional committee agenda

• GMB to expect Labour MPs and Labour candidates to accept invitations to GMB

• GMB executive council to expect the Labour leader and deputy leader to accept

• Regions to build on political campaigning methods such as Team GMB, which has

an invitation to speak to the executive at least once a year

• GMB to begin training programmes for members who wish to run for public of ice

been successful in putting more than 100 GMB members (many of whom had never been involved in political activity before) into key seat struggles at elections

• GMB to campaign for trade union and employment rights, as well as core issues


• Every GMB member to receive an annual report detailing the political activities

such as full employment, equality, aff ordable social housing, and a decent education and health care system for all

• GMB will continue to play a full role in TULO, the trade union and Labour party

of the union, and the key objectives for campaigning

• GMB’s national political department to be re-structured and re-organised to ensure

liaison organisation, as well as developing stronger relationships with non-af iliates of the Labour party

the delivery of our key political objectives and policies

If you want to help GMB reclaim the Labour party for the majority of its supporters, contact your GMB regional of ice. To read the full report, go to


branches and organised workplaces so the views of grass-roots members are heard



Andrew Wiard

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