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A Fabulous History and RE Trip...

Year 10 students are eagerly anticipating the History and RE department visit to Berlin during enrichment week this year. The students will be visiting a host of sites associated with the Nazi era of History including Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, the 1936 Olympic Stadium and the Wannsee Conference House where the decision to embark on The Final Solution was made.

In 2013 the trip will be slightly different as we aim to visit Krakow as well as Berlin. This will allow us to visit the infamous Auschwitz Con- centration Camp. The trip is open to all year 9 students although GCSE History and RE students will be given priority. Letters can be ob- tained form Mr Kirby or Miss Jeffery if students are interested.

In addition to these trips the History department will also be taking a group of current year 8 students to the World War One Battlefields over the Remembrance weekend in November this year. This will be a memorable trip for the students involved. There are still a small number of places available for this trip at the time of writing.

Staying Safe on Site and on the way here

It has been such a shame that the weather has limited the time the students have had out on the field during their break and lunchtimes. It is always a pleasure to watch those playing games and enjoying each other‘s company. It is important to remind students to play responsibly and think about the possible consequences of games or activ- ities that could end up causing harm.

We have had an incident on the field where a student incurred damage to the face when an apple was thrown in a game between friends. This is an example of students not thinking about the possible consequences of throw- ing things and we would encourage you to ask your children to think twice before throwing things in crowded spaces. Thankfully the student involved has recovered.

It is really important that our students who rides a cycle to school wear the correct safety equipment and that their bicycle is roadworthy. Students riding to school need to obtain a cycle permit from their Head of Year or Student Services. They should be wearing a cycle helmet that is the correct size and is fitted correctly and cloth- ing that makes them clearly visible. Bikes should be checked regularly.

Make sure that seats, handlebars and wheels fit tightly. Check the chain regularly. Check brakes to be sure they work well and aren‘t sticking. Check that tyres have enough air and the right amount of tyre pressure.

When your child rides to school ensure they know the safest route and that they understand the dangers in riding on busy roads and in built up areas at times when there is a lot of traffic about. It is a good idea to plan your child‘s journey to school and advise them that if the roads are too busy to get off and walk.

The website http gives excellent guidance on cycle safety.

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