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Treasure hunting

A trip to Haystack Antiques in Bellevue, Washington netted this vintage alabaster lamp. Photo by Cheryl-Anne Millsap.

A Lamp from the Past, Shines Light on t he Futur e

T By Cheryl-Anne Millsap

reasure Hunting is all about vintage finds and I do have one to share. But it came at the end of a day of shopping. My husband and daughter and I drove over to Bellevue, Washington for a getaway.

After checking into the Bellevue Hotel (a club hotel which offers reciprocal rates with the Spokane Club, by the way) we split up after breakfast the next morning. They went their way and I went shopping. I’m usually rushed, dashing in and out of stores in between errands or appointments, but this time I had the day to myself. One benefit of staying at the Bellevue Hotel is the complimentary town car service. I was dropped off at The Bravern (with instructions to call when I was ready to return to the hotel). I strolled through high-end luxury stores like Neiman Marcus and Chanel for inspiration and shopped Anthropologie for gifts for my daughters. I picked up cupcakes at Trophy Cakes and stopped for dim sum at Wild Ginger (Can we start a petition to have them open a restaurant in Spokane? Please?). After walking through the current exhibits at the Bellevue Arts Museum, I looked for stock- ing-stuffers and birthday gifts at the museum store and then walked across the street to the Bellevue Collection (formerly Bellevue Square). Armed with a gift certificate, I headed straight to Tiffany for perfume. It’s the only fragrance I’ve worn since I was in my 20s and was first introduced to it at the New York store. A bottle will last a long time and when I need more I usually hint and hint and hint some more for my birthday. This time I gifted myself. By early afternoon I had a collection of shopping bags, plus a box of cupcakes, and I’d spent more time in upscale shops than I have in years. But I had one more stop within walking dis- tance: Haystack Antiques. If I’m going to spend an entire day hunting and gathering, I want to do what I like best: stroll through a place filled with antiques. Haystack carries everything from fine antiques to shabby chic re-dos. I walked through the shop, still enjoying the luxury of taking my time and I hadn’t been there long when I spotted my find: a petite Alabaster lamp. I’ve collected marble and alabaster lamps for years. No matter where I live or what colors I’m

using in my house, the clean white lamps always look good. I have them on occasional tables in the living room, beside my bed, in the guest room. I have one on my writing desk. The price was right so I bought it. The thing is, alabaster lamps are not lightweight things and by that time I was tired. That’s when I remembered the offer of the town car ride back to the hotel. I made the call and felt like a celebrity when the car rolled up and I hopped inside. Later we all met up at Koral, a new restaurant located in the downtown Hyatt and my son and

nephew joined us. A fine day was made even better by good food, good wine and good company. The quick trip to Bellevue was a real treat. I don’t know when I’ll get the luxury of spending

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that much time on myself again. And whenever I look at the lamp on the vintage wrought-iron table in my living room, a table that used to sit in my grandmother’s garden, I’ll remember the fun.

Cheryl-Anne Millsap writes about antiques and collectibles at

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