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Phenomenal for brilliance, Lumière transforms beauty, fantasy, avant garde and even F/X makeup into art. Intense color and shimmer in every shade exceed your expectations.

Lumière Grande Colour

Extreme color power and enticing shimmer. Pressed pigment-rich Grande Colours apply dry for a softer finish, or with water for

enhanced opacity. Seal with Final Seal or LiquiSet for durability. Expect 25-150 applications. LU .09oz./2.7gm.

Metallic Palette Metallic staples, such as Silver and Aztec Gold, add instant glitz to your designs. Subtle when applied dry, intense applied wet. Expect 150-1000 applications. ESP-93 Net Wt. .76oz./21gm. Shades (by row L-R ), Top: LUR-1, 2, 3, 4; Bottom: LUR-18, 21, 5, 20.

LU-1 Ice

Persimmon LU-15 Iced Gold Cherry Red LU-155 LU-2 Aztec Gold

LU-16 Azalea


LU-4 Silver

Cosmic Violet LU-17 Bronze Golden Apricot LU-18 LU-5 Sun Yellow

LU-19 Peacock

LU-6 Tangerine Starry Night LU-20 LU-7

Brilliant Colour Palette Be fierce, be bold! This bedazzling Palette is an explosion of richly pigmented Grande Colours. Apply wet for even more brilliance. Expect 150-1000 applications. ESP-94 Net Wt. .76oz./21gm. Shades (by row L-R ), Top: LUR-6, 7, 17, 13; Bottom: LUR-11, 12, 8, 16.

Chartreuse Indian Copper LU-21 LU-8 Mermaid Green LU-9

LU-10 Jade

Turquoise LU-11 Cosmic Blue LU-12 Royal Purple LU-13

LU-14 Amethyst

®Refills available in all Lumière shades. Use prefix LUR for ESP Palettes above, RL for LUK-12 below.

Pearl Sheen Lustrous, soft jewel and metallic shades will add a touch of glamour to bridal, beauty or red carpet makeup. Shimmery highlights appear natural and spontaneous. Expect 25-50 applications. PS .06oz./1.7gm.

PS-1 White

16 Ultra Violet PS-5 Sapphire PS-6

PS-9 Rose

PS-12 Mango

PS-13 Walnut

PS-14 Copper

Lumière Grande Color Palette Our best-selling, multi-dimensional Lumière Palette transitions easily from fashion and beauty to body and face painting. Refillable. Includes FB-7 Flat Brush. Expect 250-1200 applications. LUK-12 Net Wt. 1.52oz./43.2gm. Shades (by row L-R ), Top: RL-1, 3, 4, 16, 12, 6; Bottom: RL-2, 7, 8, 10, 14, 17.

PS-15 Gold

White Gold PS-16

PS-18 Bronze

Silver Grey PS-19 Sea Blue PS-20 Charcoal PS-21 Turquoise PS-22

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