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Liquid Eye Liner When precision is crucial, our Liquid Eye Liners quickly provide clean, crisp lines. Fluid, opaque color flows easily from the fine brush in a smudge and water-resistant formula. Expect 35-100 applications. From top: LE-2 Dark Brown, LE-0 White, LE-1 Ebony (Black). .38 fl.oz./11.3ml.

MediaPRO Eye Definers Ben Nye, Sr. called it Lash Shadow 60 years ago. Today’s Eye Definer contains ultra pigmentation in a silky texture for stylish, smudgable eye lining and contour. Aubergine, Taupe and Soft Grey are contemporary additions. “Set” with Eye Shadows. Expect 75-200 applications. SL .35oz./10gm.

Black SL-9 Espresso SL-11 Aubergine SL-12

SL-14 Taupe

Soft Grey SL-16

Cake Eye Liner Define eyes with this classic, matte liner. Mix with water to a creamy, pigment rich consistency and apply with RS-1 Round or AB-4 Angle Brush. Smudge as it dries for a softer line. Mix with LiquiSet in place of water for long-lasting, water-resistance. Expect 50-200 applications. EL .07oz./2gm. EL-11 Black and EL-41 Dark Brown Pro Size .18oz./5.5gm.

Mascara & Bright Mascara Our creamy, smudge-resistant Mascaras intensify focus on the eyes. Bright Mascaras add an edgy accent to eyes. White is ideal to age facial hair and lashes, while Clear “sets” and styles without adding color. Expect 75-150 applications. LM .31 fl. oz./9.3ml. LM-3 .35 fl. oz./10.3ml.

LM-0 White

Electric Blue LM-6

LM-1 Black

Royal Purple LM-7 Dark Brown Aubergine LM-8 LM-2

LM-3 Clear

Bahama Blue

Eyebrow Pencils Formulated in a firm texture, Eyebrow Pencils hold a precise point to create “wisps” of color to naturally augment brows. Sharpen with Single Hole Sharpener (SP). Expect 75-225 applications. EP 7” Length, .05oz./1.4gm.

Creme Eye Liner Pencils Color-rich, moist formula glides on like silk. Smudge for a soft, smokey eye. Set with Eye Shadow for a long-wearing finish. Expect 50-175 applications. EP-85 Espresso, EP-90 Onyx. 4.75" Length, .04oz./1.13gm.

White EP-0 Light Brown EP-1 Auburn EP-2 Taupe EP-3 Medium Brown EP-4 Dark Brown EP-5 Black Brown EP-7 Black 13 EP-9 LM-9

LM-4 Taupe

LM-5 Auburn


EL-55 Taupe

EL-0 Black Eggplant EL-6 EL-1 Charcoal Electric Blue EL-7 EL-2 Dark Brown EL-4 Brown EL-5

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