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Our Eye Shadows are known in the industry for their incredible quality. Now, 16 new shades assist with any assignment. Smokey, neutral or flirty shades are intensely pigmented in a silky- smooth, blendable texture. All colors are available in individual pots and

Palette Refills.

Essential Eye Shadow Palette

Our Essential Eye Shadow Palette is all you’ll need for every style of makeup including print, bridal and film. This “Go-To” palette is filled with indispensable neutral highlight and contour shades to complement every complexion. Expect 400-750 applications. ESP-912 Net Wt. .96oz./28gm. Shades (by row L-R ), Top: ER-302, 314, 50, 37; Bottom: ER-99, 98, 36, 595.

Powder Eye Shadows Discover our stunning ensemble of Eye Shadows ranging from delicately neutral to vibrantly dramatic. Long-wearing, matte finish (except ES-332 Misty Lilac). Apply with FDB Fine Detail Brushes. Expect 25-150 applications. ES .12oz./3.5gm.

Glam Shadow Palette Inspired by a renowned makeup aficionado, our Glam Shadow

Palette makes work seem like play! The best of practical neutrals and alluring jewel tones make a winning combination. Expect 400-750 applications. ESP-954 Net Wt. 1.44oz./42gm.Shades (by row L-R ), Top: ER-314, 318, 35, 36, 98, 86; Bottom: ER-37, 538, 595, 78, 782, 99.

ES-30 White

ES-40 Spice

ES-72 Raisin

Greystone 12 ES-97

ES-302 Vanilla

ES-50 Cork

Black Plum Graphite ES-98 ES-75

ES-31 Toast

ES-52 Mocha

Burgundy ES-76

ES-312 Banana

Coco Brown Brownberry ES-78 ES-538

ES-314 Shell

Dark Brown Eggplant ES-782 ES-54 Au Naturelle Espresso Crushed Grape ES-784 ES-56 ES-318

ES-319 Honey

Twilight Sable Deep Violet ES-80 ES-57 Santa Fe Rich Suede Royal Purple ES-82 ES-59 ES-32

Theatrical Eye Shadow Palette When the job calls for spectacular eye makeup, our Theatrical Shadow Palette provides artistic inspiration. Matte shades include White, Black, plus six elegant and sultry shades for definition and drama. Expect 400-750 applications. ESP-914 Net Wt. .96oz./28gm. Shades (by row L-R ), Top: ER-30, 34, 50, 35; Bottom: ER-72, 80, 57, 99.

Misty Lilac Black-Brown Bahama Blue ES-84 ES-595


ES-34 Taupe

Mossberry Twilight Blue

ES-99 Black ®Refills available in all Eye Shadow shades. Use prefix ER.

ES-86 ES-62


ES-66 Lemon

Celestial Bleu ES-88


Smokey Taupe Shamrock Navy Blue ES-90 ES-68


Mink Stole Caribbean Cinderella Blue ES-93 ES-69


ES-391 Apricot

Turquoise Blue Grey ES-95 ES-71

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