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Formulated in a silky texture, our richly pigmented Powder Rouge series offers a striking display of color. Choose from soft, natural shades for subtle shaping, or bright and bold for fashion and avant garde designs.

Powder Rouge Layer two or more shades to emphasize facial contours. Apply to powdered skin for best results and tone down with loose powder, if desired. Expect 100-250 applications. DR, CDS, DC .12oz./3.5gm. See Color Chart at bottom of page.

Fashion Rouge Palette Refillable eight-color palette is fashion-ready. Warm and cool shades are included in soft pink and coral hues for natural high- lighting and contouring. Expect 200-800 applications. ESP-922 Net Wt. .96oz./28gm. Shades (by row L-R ), Top: DDR-75, 74, 21, 73; Bottom: DDR-162, 72, 23, 61.

Theatrical Rouge Palette Our eight-color ensemble is practical and versatile for every working artist. Rich, vibrant colors complement most complex- ions for endless design options. Expect 200-800 applications. ESP-924 Net Wt. .96oz./28gm. Shades (by row L-R ), Top: DDR-1, 3, 9, 111; Bottom: DDR-23, 7, 61, 17.

Essential Eye Shadow & Rouge Palette At your service, six each of our most popular Eye Shadows and Powder Rouges in a refillable, magnetic palette. This exquisite assortment is all you’ll need for film, runway, bridal and Hi Def application. Expect 400-1000 applications. ESP-952 Net Wt. 1.44oz./42gm. Shades (by row L-R ), Top: ER-302, 314, 50, 56, 36, 99; Bottom: DDR-75, 74, 21, 73, 162, 72. See Eye Shadow Color Chart on page 12.

Soleil Red Nectarine Dusty Pink 10 DR-21 DR-75 CDS-1 Red Hot Dark Tech Nectar Peach DR-22 DR-9 CDS-2 Flame Red Orange Zest Golden Amber DR-23 DR-97 DR-1 Coral Red Chestnut Contour No. 1 DC-01 DR-10 DR-2 Raspberry Passion Purple Contour No. 2 DC-02 DR-11 DR-3 Fuchsia Purple Haze DR-111 DR-4 Brick Red Wild Orchid DR-114 DR-5 Misty Pink Pink Blush DR-12 DR-6 Victorian Rose Natural Blush DR-13 DR-61

DR-7 Coral

DR-14 Latté

Desert Coral Coco Rose DR-15 DR-71

®Refills available in all Powder Rouge shades. Use prefix CDSR, DDR or DCR.

Fresh Coral Cool Pink DR-16


Vintage Rose Pink Bliss DR-162


Blushing Bride Red-Brown DR-17


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