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* Wipe down coffee tables with a damp cloth to clear away dust and fin- gerprints. * Wet the fingertips of rubber gloves and glide your hand over upholstery to rid furniture of pet hair. * Keep a basket handy to neatly store

newspaper, magazines or books. * Gather and remove the most obvi- ous clutter and relocate it elsewhere less noticeable.

* Dim the lights and light candles. It’s harder to spot dirt in a dim room.


* A premoistened wipe can quickly clean the sink and counters from dried- on contact solution or toothpaste. * The same wipe can be used to rid the mirror of errant spots of splatter. * Use the same cloth to wipe down the toilet seat and the rim underneath. Use the toilet brush to scrub inside the bowl to remove any rings. * Put new hand towels on racks or on the counter.

* Glide a lint roller over the bath mat to remove hair and fuzz.


* If the children’s rooms are messes, close the doors and make those rooms off-limits. * Make your bed and fluff the pillows. * Take dirty clothes to the hamper and put away anything left out. If des- perate, pile it into the closet to attend to later.

* Neaten the night stands next to the bed, removing personal effects or stor- ing it in the drawers.

Create an outdoor retreat By Metro Creative

This year, transform your outdoor area into a family retreat with an “out-of-the- box” vision, careful plan- ning and the appropriate tools.

First, gather your family together for a brainstorm- ing session and target what you want to do in your out- door haven. Next, make a to-do list of the projects required to make your vision a reality. Finally, round up the tools and supplies you need and get to work! To help you, Woodcraft offers a few sug- gestions to make your work easier.

Advice from Tommy MacDonald, host of Rough Cut — Woodworking with Tommy Mac: “Before you saw a board

or drive a screw, make sure you have all the tools, sup- plies and plans you need rounded up and ready for the project at hand,” says MacDonald.

“Stopping and starting to hunt a tool or make a trip to buy materials wastes time and energy better spent on building. Don’t forget the safety gear and first aid kit and work with a partner on the big projects whenever possible.” GATHERING PLACES

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Kelowna Daily Courier Advertising Department.

Metro Creative

Tommy MacDonald shows viewers how to build this attractive trellis, perfect for outdoor landscaping

Decks, patios and porch-

es, both open and en- closed, invite people to gather for a meal, share conversation or play

games. To start your building projects,

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