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Land Forces Fraud Policy Statement – Zero Tolerance to Irregularity, Fraud, Theft and Corruption Chief of the General Staff’s Fraud Policy Statement

The key points of the Land Forces Fraud Policy Statement are as follows:

• CGS has directed that the highest moral and ethical standards are to be maintained in the areas for which he is responsible as head of the Army and Land Forces TLB holder.

• Fraud, theft, corruption, bribery and irregularity will not be tolerated.

• All suspected and attempted cases of fraud, theft, corruption and irregularity are to be reported in accordance with DIN2011DIN05-40.

• Such cases are to be investigated and, if substantiated, prosecuted to the maximum extent.

• The Fraud Act makes prosecution easier and three new offences are now in force.

• A new Bribery Act introduces tougher new legislation to tackle bribery and corruption.

BFG Vehicles Travelling To Northern Ireland

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• Commanders and line managers at all levels are responsible for detecting and deterring any wrongdoing.

• The Fraud Hotline Tel: 0800 161 3665 (UK) or +44 1371 85 4881 (Overseas) is available for all to use.


The risk of fraud, theft, corruption, bribery and irregularity is ever present and there is a reputational risk if incidents are not handled rigorously. We should not assume that because fraud is not being reported it does not exist. Three offences, under the 2006 Fraud Act, have made prosecution easier:

a. fraud by false representation; b. fraud by failing to disclose information; c. fraud by abusing a position.

The 2011 Bribery Act has been passed, reforming the criminal law to provide a new, modern and comprehensive scheme of bribery offences that will enable courts and prosecutors to respond more effectively to bribery at home or abroad. The Act:

a. provides a more effective legal framework to combat bribery in the public or private sectors;

b. provides clearer compliance with international obligations;

c. replaces the fragmented and complex offences under common law & the Prevention of Corruption Acts 1889-1916;

d. simplifi es legislation covering two general offences: (1) offering, promising or giving of an advantage; (2) requesting, agreeing to receive or accepting an advantage;

e. creates a discrete offence of bribery of a foreign public offi cial;

f. creates an offence of negligent failure by commercial organisations to prevent bribery;

g. supports high ethical standards in UK businesses;

h. tackles the threat that bribery poses to economic progress and development around the world.

The Chief of the Defence Staff and the Permanent Secretary have directed that MoD’s policy to fraud, theft, corruption, bribery and irregularity is one of zero tolerance. It is everyone’s responsibility to deter, detect and report fraud and suspicions of fraud. The Chief of the General Staff, as head of the Army and Land Forces Top Level Budget Holder, has issued a Fraud Policy Statement directing that all commanders and line managers are to use every opportunity to check for fraud and raise awareness of the risk of fraud. Any Service person or civilian member of staff with a reasonable

suspicion of fraud, theft, corruption, bribery or irregularity occurrence is to notify their command/line management chain immediately. If the suspicion appears well founded the Defence Irregularity Reporting Cell (DIRCell) (joint DFAU, MDP, Service Police and DE) Hotline on 0800 161 3665 (UK) or +44 1371 85 4881 (Overseas) is to be notifi ed at the earliest opportunity. Land Forces Standing Order 6100 provides further details on the process to be followed. If individuals feel that the circumstances are such that they

cannot approach line management with their concerns, or that their concerns have not been properly addressed, they should call the DIR Cell Hotline directly. All disclosures will be treated in confi dence. The DIR Cell is the dedicated Departmental focal point available to anyone wishing to make disclosures concerning fraud, theft, corruption or irregularity within the terms of the Public Interest Disclosures Act.

Point of Contact: For further information contact Ian Fisher, SO1 Fraud Regulatory & Propriety, LF Assurance on Mil 94393 6241.

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