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British brand La Fée has completed its premium portfolio with the release of La Fée Absinthe Blanche. Developed by the curator of The French Absinthe Museum and absinthe historian Marie-Claude Delahaye and George Rowlery, managing director of La Fée, Absinthe Blanche is a clear absinthe, distilled with 11 natural herbs and spices, including grand wormwood anise and fennel. It is served one part Blanche to two/three parts

iced water. The Blanche then ‘louches’ to a milky white. No sugar is required, making it different to La Fée’s earlier release, Absinthe Parisienne, which forms the second half of the portfolio. “La Fée Absinthe Blanche is a fi ne example

of a classic clear absinthe,” says Delahaye, “commonly distilled pre-ban in both France and Switzerland, where it was named ‘La Bleue’.” Its style is more feminine compared to Parisienne’s more masculine character, a trait that it owes to a higher concentration of fennel and other naturally sweeter herbs. Absinthe Blanche is 53% ABV and is made

alongside Parisienne from the Cherry Rocher distillery in Rhône-Alpes, bottled in Paris, and imported by Cellar Trends.


WHISKEY Pernod Ricard UK has announced that the Midleton Distillery, home of Jameson, will be recreating 1960s whiskey Yellow Spot Single Pot Still Irish. The release of Yellow Spot is part of the company’s pledge to introduce new Single Pot Still Irish whiskey expressions each year, as it looks to reinvigorate the category. Part of the ‘Spot’ range of Single Pot Still whiskeys, Yellow Spot

is a 12 Year Old whiskey that has been matured in three oak cask types: American bourbon barrels, Spanish sherry butts and Spanish Malaga casks. Patrick Venning, head of the marketing

at Pernod Ricard UK, says: “Single Pot Still whiskey has a deep-rooted history in Irish culture. It is a style which is unique to the Midleton Distillery in Co. Cork and is regarded as the quintessential style of Irish whiskey. It is important to us to continue to deliver extraordinary and innovative whiskeys to our customers.” The whiskey is bottled at 46% ABV

and is non-chill fi ltered. The bottles are set to be produced annually in batches of 500 cases with each bottle set at a RRP of £62.



Finlandia Vodka, part of the Barcardi

Brown-Forman Brands (BBFB), has added a blackcurrant-fl avoured vodka to its range of premium vodkas, which already includes Cranberry, Lime, Mango and Grapefruit. Following the global growth of

fl avoured spirits, the brand is hoping that Finlandia Blackcurrant will prove popular in cocktails, with mixers or over ice during the summer months. Finlandia Blackcurrant will be packaged in the ‘melting ice’ bottle design that was launched last year, with labelling that incorporates the associated fl avour colour, as well as the fruit imagery, to make the new variant easily identifi able. Chris Gately-White, Finlandia’s

brand manager, says: “We’re really excited to introduce this latest fl avour to our range. With the summer season looming and a calendar jam packed full of social occasions, we’re confi dent the new variant will help recruit new fans and reacquaint old ones, in turn maximising profi t opportunities for bartenders and retailers alike.”


DRINKING Three new seasonal beers from Heathwick are set to be released this summer in the UK. A seasonal beer from Fordham is joined by the fi rst two beers from Fordham’s sister brewery, Old Dominion, to reach the UK. Both brewers are co-located in Dover, Delaware. Fordham has been building brand awareness through its sponsorship of Britain’s top-seeded women’s Beach Volleyball players and now the three beers are in stock. Fordham Wisteria Wheat (4% ABV) is a wheat ale that is expected to pair well with salads, seafood and grilled chicken. Old Dominion Beach House Pilsner (5% ABV) is a pilsner lager that is hoped to pair well with salads, Asian cuisine and barbecued meats. Old Dominion

Oak Barrel Stout (5.8% ABV) is a stout, made with smoked and peated malts. It is expected to pair well with oysters and clams. fordhambeers.


EURO 2012 Thwaites has released a new ale for Euro 2012 called ‘Whet Your Whistle’. Made with English malt and Bavarian hops, the new beer is 4.6% ABV. Lee Williams, marketing manager

at Thwaites, says: “As we’ve seen in some classic encounters over the years with England and Old Enemy, combining English malt with Bavarian hops will make for a fascinating match in taste terms.”

MOLSON COORS LAUNCHES SUMMER LAGER Molson Coors has made its limited edition summer lager, Carling Zest, available on draught, following a £2m marketing campaign for the drink and its launch in May. It will remain available until the end of September. The launch will be supported in outlets by premium branded point-of-sale materials, as well as Carling Zest branded fonts, plaques and glassware. Carling Zest has a light citrus fl avour

and is 2.8% ABV. It is intended for pub-garden gatherings as an alternative to popular summer drinks and was initially launched in bottles in the UK. Annette

Middleton, Carling senior

branch manager at Molson Coors, says: “We’re excited to see Carling Zest fl owing in pubs and bars across the UK.”


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