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W Gathering of SPLASH partners

ithin the thematic area of water research for development:

• the main sub-themes are ‘more crop per drop’, ‘protecting eco-systems’ and ‘water and sanitation’;

• clear areas of geographic focus are also re- vealed, with Africa and Asia receiving sup- port from all countries, although there are gaps in coverage within this;

• programme funding is mainly by ministries, primarily to universities in SPLASH part- ner and beneficiary countries, and research centres and government institutions in de- veloping countries;

• while there are different approaches to devel- oping programmes,most identified research priorities internally, involving Southern orga- nizations in the research design;

• it was found that more than half of pro- grammes surveyed already incorporate some form of collaborative working with other national programmes or international organizations and initiatives.

While the aims, objectives and focus areas vary across the programmes surveyed, there is a good spread of support across the thematic areas, and all partner countries are involved in theMekong region and in Africa, suggesting that these offer the greatest potential benefits for future collaboration. Existing programmes show additional com-

mon characteristics such as capacity develop- ment, dissemination strategies, and clearly, collaboration between programmes and other national or international organizations is al- ready underway. The survey concluded that there are good

opportunities for future joint programmes, without necessitating a significant shift in the existing research culture.

For further information please contact Peter O’Neill, Deputy Head, Central Research Department, Department for International Development (E-mail

Innovation & Research Focus Issue 73 MAY 2008 1 Also at May 2008

SPLASH reviews national programmes on water research for

developing countries An important objective of the SPLASH Era-net (European UnionWater Initiative European Research Area Network) is to exchange knowledge between different European partner research initiatives and to facilitate collaboration between them. As part of this, SPLASH recently surveyed programmes relating to water research for developing countries, funded or co-funded by the national governments of the 11 SPLASH partner countries. This provided an analysis of thematic and geographic research areas covered, capacity development, funding issues, programme develop- ment, dissemination activities, and the potential for joint activities.

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