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Innovation & Research

Issue No. 57


Deck hinge performance Buildings

Window energy rating

Construction management SHERPAs for construction sites

Design Airing problems in pipelines design rules

Civil engineering applications of tyres 2 e-Learning about concrete Quicon®

Environment, recycling & energy Civil engineering applications of tyres 2 Engineering carbon out

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Guidance on controlling pollution 7 Sustainable river mining Waste audit of Staffordshire Window energy rating

Ground engineering

Embankment & cuttings guidance 6 Innovation & housing

Trad houses, computerised construction 4 Management & IT

SHERPAs for construction sites

e-Learning about concrete Sustainable river mining

River and coastal engineering Sustainable flood & coastal management

Sustainable river mining Waste

Waste audit of Staffordshire 5

Knowledge management in construction3 Materials

8 7

Balancing industry’s needs with nature

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6 5

4 5 5

Working with Wildlife: a CIRIA resource & training pack

CIRIA have recently published a resource and training pack (part-funded by the DTI through the Partners in Innovation scheme), which is aimed at improving the con- struction industry’s ability to address impacts upon wildlife and habitats local to devel- opment projects. Working with wildlife highlights the virtue of knowing your site whilst addressing the fundamentals of ecology, legislation, and the relationships between wildlife and construction projects.


ecognising the influence that planning and conservation legislation has upon the industry, the pack promotes the prin- ciple of moving beyond simply complying with the minimum legal requirement. Amongst many other issues, the pack highlights the role the client and designer can have in contribut- ing to the achievement of Biodiversity Action Plan targets at the local level.

The pack also highlights how project staff at all levels can be involved in improving per- formance in relation to wildlife issues and using habitat and species briefing sheets, tool- box talks and presentational materials, it demonstrates what to do and how to do it when certain species are encountered on site.

For further information on the pack visit or contact CIRIA (020 7549 3300; fax 020 7253 0523; email

3 Guide to steelwork design 7


A new comprehensive, research-based publication from SCI (P325) provides design guidance on the use of BS 5950 –1:2000, covering the design of all the main struc- tural forms and their components.


he guide provides intro- ductory and background information (and cross- references) to the Code clauses, and provides explanations of how the Code clauses should be applied under a range of situa- tions.

A companion to this publica-

tion is Steelwork design guide to BS 5950-1:2000 Volume 2: Worked examples (P326). Both publications can be purchased online at or from the Publications Department at SCI

(01344 872775; E-mail: publica- Price: SCI Corporate Members £22.50; Non-members £45 (plus p+p).

For further information please contact Andrew Way at The Steel Construction Institute (01344 623345; E-mail:

May 2004

Innovation & Research Focus Issue 57 MAY 2004


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