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Barbican musicians try out largest accordion in the world!

arbican accordionists Fiona

Meyringer and Nia Davies recently joined 34 other accordionists from

around the UK and Ireland for a visit to Castelfidardo in Italy where some of the finest accordions in the world are produced. During the visit to see how the instruments are made they tried out the largest accordion in the world verified by the Guinness Book of Records. It is a fully working model which would fill a small room and weighs around 250kg. It is housed at the Alessandrini accordion factory and the maker of the instrument Giancarlo Francenella was present so everyone was able to congratulate him on his creation which took 2 years to complete. All the components were donated by other factories and supplier industries in the area. The founder of the company Alfredo Alessandrini was also present and still working in the factory at 81 years of age! The group received a warm welcome in

Area NewsReview B

London, the performance programme is fully booked until the end of 2013. Past productions have included dramas,

Italy and were loaned some accordions by the factories to play during the 4 day visit which included travelling to lovely hilltop towns such as Loreto where the Basilica has within it the house of the Virgin Mary said to have been transported from Nazareth to Croatia and finally to Loreto. The party also took over the terrace of a restaurant overlooking the Adriatic and entertained not only themselves but other guests too. Fiona and Nia have been inspired to practise even more since returning!

The trip was arranged by corporate and special interest group organiser PLG Marketing Associates. For further information and other events email:


Bridewell Theatre now home to London Ballet company

pened in 1894, The St Bride Foundation apportioned part of their vast building in Bride Lane,

off Fleet Street, to create The Bridewell Theatre a century later in 1994. The Bridewell Theatre has often been called one of the most exciting and atmospheric performance spaces in the capital. The Theatre, with its flexible layout,

musicals, magic shows, burlesque, big bands, folk music, opera and cabarets, with works from Shakespeare, Wilde and Sondheim to name but a few, The Bridewell Theatre is now home to “The London Ballet Company.” With a return season of the highly acclaimed “An Olympic Dream,” The London Ballet Company have joined forces with The Bridewell Theatre to create charity lead events throughout 2012 which will include "Open City Weekend.” The London Ballet Company will also be performing for a Lunchbox season commencing in October this year with their World Premiere of a “James Bond” themed production. The Director, Sophie Francesa Wright, and the group of internationally trained ballet dancers take their performances to a variety of venues, events and commercial engagements both at home, and abroad, in addition to their London and U.K.

Barbican resident is personal trainer and masseur

outside and fitness expert David Mason is here to help. Depending on your objectives David will create a suitable program for you. His clients range from marathon runners to those who simply want to keep fit. Stephanie Ross spent an hour circuit training with him in the Thomas Moore garden on a refreshingly cool Tuesday morning to assess her fitness level, focus her mind and establish some longer term fitness objectives – such as building up longer distance running and swimming. They chose 20 minutes of intense lower body exercises and 15

J London Ballet Company

udging by the increasing numbers of people running and exercising around the Barbican a lot of us like to get fit

Pictured with the giant accordion are Fiona Meyringer (left) and Nia Davies.

theatrical engagements. Their most recent appearance, to rapturous applause, was at St Pancras International Station. Lucy Hilliard, representing the St. Bride

Foundation said: "We are proud to bring this art form to our part of London. Following the outstanding success of The London Ballet Company's performance at the Bridewell Theatre, it seemed natural to bring our synergy together. We are both charity lead, with The London Ballet Company supporting "Save The Children." We look forward to the future and

facilitates multiple stage sets,

including a swimming pool under the floor! One of only 3 theatres within the City of

making this a continuing part of our cultural ethos.

For further detail phone: John Rankin – 020 7427 4742, Sophie Wright – 0777 2926974

The new Golden Lane Fitness Centre refurbished swimming pool opened just after we went to press with the last issue of Barbican Life – here the first swimmers take a celebratory initial plunge at the pool’s opening.


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