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Doug was elected to many prestigious positions and received numerous awards that would fill many pages. A few of the highlights are:

1. He was elected and served as President of Holstein USA 2. He received the Holstein USA Elite Breeder Award 3. He received the Dairy Shrine Distinguished Cattle Breeder Award 4. He was named Outstanding Dairy Producer of the Year at World Ag Expo 5. He was the first President of California DHIA 6. He served on the Cal Poly President’s Cabinet 7. He was named Cal Poly’s Outstanding Alumni in the College of Agriculture 8. And most recently he was a driving force of federal legislation to ensure dairy industry sustainability.

Doug we will miss you, but we will NEVER forget you.

Some words about Doug from special friends…

“It was a real privilege to know Doug Maddox for more than 35 years. Doug was truly one of the greatest Breeders of Hol- stein cattle in the United States. When it came to Leadership, Doug was a giant. He was an outstanding leader in the Hol- stein Breed association both on a State and National level. Doug was a strong force in milk marketing not only in Cali- fornia but throughout the United States. Every challenge that Doug encountered in his career was addressed with leadership, guidance, honesty, intelligence, and calmness. The Registered Holstein Industry and Dairy Industry have not only lost a great leader but we also lost a great friend. Doug had a huge positive influence on the lives of many people including my own. Doug was one of those people who always had his glass half full not half empty. Doug could be described in a few words “A great man with total class in his business and personal life.” Doug, “Thank you for your great friendship and advice over the years, until we meet again, may you rest in peace.” “ - Larry Gerber; Nautico Holsteins & Legend Dairy Farms

“I don’t know of any other person that devoted more time and effort to the improvement of the dairy industry nor a greater champion of the Holstein dairy cow, than my friend Doug Maddox. His tireless commitment to our industry will stand unmatched for years, and perhaps for all time. I knew Doug for nearly 40 years, and during that time, no matter what I asked him to help me with, he would some way, some how figure out a way to say yes. One of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, he could walk into any room, any- where in the world and be trusted. Always sought out for his opinion, when he started to speak, a quiet would come over the room or the arena, so every word could be heard. Just the memory of those pearls of wisdom now makes us want to hear more. Just the thought of Doug Maddox makes us want to ap- plaud to show him how much we appreciate everything he did. Listen closely Doug, and you can hear us all applauding, and yes, we’re all standing.”

- Ronald C. Pietersma; Legend Dairy Farms

“I first met Doug Maddox in the fall of 1954 when I entered Cal Poly, we immediately became good friends as we both had a passion for registered Holsteins and the genetic makeup of a sound functional dairy cow.

As the years went by we became very close friends and served together on many boards and were involved in numerous in- dustry functions. Doug was an innovator always thinking ahead, he came up with great ideas and always had a plan to make them work.

Doug was one of my true friends. I will miss him greatly how- ever the industry will miss him even more!” - Marvin Nunes; Ocean-View Farms

“Doug was a legend and a very good friend to everyone in the dairy business throughout the world. He was also a wonderful family man who was very proud that so many of his family members had chosen to be with him in the dairy business. Doug also had a special love for his Alma Mater Cal Poly.

Doug was a self-made man who became a great leader trying to make conditions better for all of us who were involved in the dairy industry. Whenever he had an idea, whether it was popu- lar or not, he would take it by the horns and carry it through to the end. Because of his likeable personality he remained good friends even with those who opposed him.

Doug’s passing is a tremendous loss to all of us in the dairy industry. We will all miss him and we will never forget him.” - Kip Herzog; Sleepy Hollow Certified Milk Company

“Where do you begin when talking about Doug Maddox. I can’t think of a person who has had more impact to the Holstein fra- ternity than Doug. His innovative mind and his unbelievable enthusiasm have made him Iconic in the Dairy Business around the world. There has never been a country that I have traveled to that someone didn’t know Doug personally or hadn’t visited RuAnn. I will miss his love of cattle with his like begets like philosophy. I will miss him being the last to leave and the first one up. But most of all I will miss him as a mentor and friend. Recently I was asked how old Doug was when he passed, my answer was two fold. He acted like he was thirty and if you counted the way he lived his life he was about two hundred. The Maddox name will carry on thru his wonderful family and his legacy thru his great deeds for so many.” - Hank Van Exel; Exels Holsteins

“Doug Maddox was a unique individual. He was as comfort- able talking to a political leader from a foreign country as he was to a local dairyman looking for a breeding bull. He fought for those ideas he believed in, especially when they were for the betterment of the dairy industry, but was liked by even those that disagreed with him. Doug was only with us for 75 years, but he made the absolute most out of every minute he had. He worked hard, he played hard, and he made all of those around him better. Doug will be missed, but he will never be forgotten.” - Bill Genasci, Gen-Ace Holsteins

“What made Doug a special person to me… When I was nine years old, and started coming to the California Holstein shows, he always made an effort to shake my hand and ask how I was doing. He always knew my name. For me, just getting started, it was like Babe Ruth shaking my hand and knowing who I was! I loved and admired the drive he had to succeed, always thinking ahead, and the love and passion he had for the dairy industry! - Joey Airoso, Airosa Dairy

California Holstein News Annual 2012 3

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