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Doug Maddox Senior Breeder of the Year Memorial Award George and Dora McClelland – McClelland Dairy

As Presented by Bill Genasci

Tis award has been renamed the Doug Maddox Senior Breeder of the Year Memorial Award as a trib- ute and honor to one of California’s elite Holstein Breeders and dairy industry icons, Doug Maddox. It is the most prestigious award that the California Association presents each year. Te winner of this award is selected by a committee com- prised of all available past winners. Tere are no specific requirements

or qualifications, other than the individual or individuals are well known and their contri- butions to the breed and the dairy industry are such that they have earned the respect of their peers. Above all, they should be known for a lifetime of achievement in breeding and promoting Registered Holsteins. Tis year’s recipient certainly exceeds these guidelines.

Te tale of this family begins in 1929 when a lad, only 19 years of age, immigrated to America to join his two sisters already living here. One of his first jobs was helping to build the San Mateo Bridge. After marrying the woman of his dreams, he purchased a milk route in 1938 and began milking 18 Brown Swiss cows. For personal health reasons, the herd was sold in 1947, and that could have been the end of the story.

Te couple went on to have four children. In the early 1950’s the herd was restocked, and the oldest son, Robert, began purchasing animals to show in 4-H and FFA. Tus begins the Registered Holstein era. Tragically, Robert was killed in an automobile accident at 19, the same age as his father, when he immigrated to America. Te dairy was continued with the other three children, and began milking cows at its current location in 1965, when our re- cipient was only 13 years old. Te recipient showed in 4-H and FFA and at one point won the Sleepy Hollow calf at the Petaluma Fair. Tis launched him into the registered business. In present time, they now milk 915 cows, about 1/3 registered. Tey farm 400 acres of grass silage and pasture the herd on an additional 500 acres. Te recipient, through hard work and commitment, has become well known for many different things in our industry. Most prominently, he is known for breeding an outstanding herd of cows. Teir show string is regularly on display at local, state and national shows. In the past few years their success has included: • McClelland Marker Babe-Red-EX92 that was the eighth place 4 year old at the 2008 International Red & White show in Madison. • From the Ivy family; McClelland Dundee Illana-EX92 who was first place Jr 3 year old at the 2008 Western Spring National. • From the Eve family; McClelland Rumble Else-EX95 who was first aged cow, Reserve Champion and Best Udder at the 2009 state fair. Else was sired by a homebred Integrity son from the Ramona family. Also in this family are McClelland Highlite Ellisan EX94 and McClelland Nick Jolt Eve EX93.

1958 Chris Rasmussen 1959 E.E. Freeman 1960 Frank L. Pellissiar 1961 Earl & Marguarite Graham 1962 Hubert Kidd 1963 Frank & Adelia Hopkins 1964 Mark L. Borrer 1965 Max Herzog 1966 Frank S. Corda 1967 Wesley N. Sawyer 1968 James Reed 1969 Joe Trindade, Jr. 1970 Leo Hedegard 1971 Harold Schmidt

1972 Wallace Lindskoog 1973 Walter D. Ranney 1974 Henry Sterk 1975 Alvin Quist 1976 Hugh D. Good 1977 Harmon B. Toone 1978 Robert Selkirk 1979 Roy Boone 1980 Allen Johnson 1981 Frank Muther 1982 Tom A. Nunes, Jr. 1983 Amelio Curti 1984 Kip Herzog 1985 Doug Maddox

36 California Holstein News Annual 2012

• From the Lillian family; McClelland Jordan Lilly who was Grand Champion and Best Ud- der of the 2010 state fair. Tey also had the first and second place four year olds, Best Tree Females, and received both the Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor banners. • From the Ramona family, my personal favorite of their cow families; McClelland Durham Ramona, and a maternal sister by Drake, both seventh generation homebred Excellents that trace all the way back to Sutton Oak Proud Midnight. Midnight was one of the foun- dation show animals purchased in the early 1950’s.

In addition to developing a great herd of cows, George, Dora, and Jana have done a terrific job of connecting to the community and our consumers. From the yearly pumpkin patch tours that include a visit to the parlor to watch the cows being milked, to the farm tours that include feeding calves and milking a cow by hand, they continually present the dairy industry to the public in a positive light. Tey have a fantastic website, the photo gallery contains some beautiful pictures of the dairy along with some extremely cool photos of both children and adults taking the farm tour. All of the kids on the tour just call him Farmer George. Te McClelland’s are among the very best at using social media to connect with the non farm public.

Currently they are diversifying into the production and distribution of a European Style Organic Butter. Teir butter was a Double Gold winner at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair, and third in the nation at the American Cheese Society Conference. Very impressive! Tis butter can be found in 32 local markets, 6 farmers markets, 5 restaurants, and the list is growing.

George began running the dairy when he was in high school. He became a partner in the early 1970’s and received the A J Quist young breeder of the year award in 1987. He served as a director for the State association and has been very involved in the Redwood Empire Association, serving as a board member for two separate terms, and helped plan the Red- wood Empire club sale for the past decade. George has also served on the All West Select Sires board and on the Two Rock Volunteer Fire Department. McClelland Dairy has been Dairy of Te Year at the Sonoma County Fair two separate times. Once when managed by his parents, Bob and Lillian, and more recently when managed by George and Dora.

In addition to their daughter Jana, who partners in the home dairy, George and Dora’s son Robert started his own dairy in 2005 and operates it with his wife, Jolynn, and son, Collin. George and Dora’s daughter, Jennifer, branched out from the dairy and is the manager of Ecommerce at Title Nine in Emmeryville.

As mentioned in the before, the recipient should be well known and their contributions to the breed and the dairy industry are such that they have earned the respect of their peers. Above all, they should be known for a lifetime of achievement in breeding and promoting Registered Holsteins.

Congratulations to the owners of McClelland Dairy, George and Dora McClelland, for being honored with year’s Doug Maddox Senior Breeder of the Year Memorial Award!

George & Dora have joined this elite list of Past Senior Breeders…

1986 Joe Duarte 1987 Wilbur E. Gomes 1988 John Wackerman 1989 Anton Betschart 1990 Marvin Nunes 1991 Tom Sawyer 1992 Paul Rollin 1993 Emilio & Alvin Groppetti 1994 Frank Santos 1995 Dan Ranney 1996 Joe Airosa 1997 Paulo Bro Holsteins 1998 George & Mimi Nunes 1999 Bill & Giovanna Zinn

2000 Louis Aufdermaur 2001 Art & Connie Avrit 2002 Ed & Bettie Bracco 2003 Bernard & Freida Souza 2004 Gilbert & Linda Teixeira 2005 Bill & Libby Clark 2006 Leo & Louie Durrer 2007 Hank and Carolyn Van Exel 2008 Ed, Bill and Jim Genasci 2009 Jack Lerch & Larry Gerber 2010 Dennis & Kirsten Areias

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