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leader Editor Teacey Bearton editor’s chair on Greetings Today. T

But I’d reckoned without the machinations of the money men at American Greetings and the spectacle that is PG Live.

Just a week into the job and with a single training session on website uploads and news flashes to my name, I get in to the office to discover I’ve to pull together an article on the Clinton Cards administration story which broke overnight – and get it out on the internet to our subscribers as soon as possible, gulp! The writing wasn’t a problem, with a bit of research and some phone calls I put the story together – then out comes the very lengthy crib sheet and I set to work. It took quite a long time but eventually I managed it.

As the story has gathered pace, we’ve been following it through from the initial shocking news of Clinton’s £35million debt being called in through the rumours of store closures and job losses, to the confirmation of the administrators’ plans and buyout by American Greetings. Here in the magazine we have the latest news and industry reaction in our story on pages 40&41. Now I’m getting to be quite a dab hand at this website lark, which is good because it’s a great way of getting the news out there to the greetings card industry,

It was very useful too because one of those news flashes was about little Alice Belle, the 6lb 10 oz bundle of joy for Ella and her husband Rob, born on May 15 – just three weeks after mum stopped typing.

Thank you to everyone who sent cards, presents and good wishes, every one has been passed on, and they’re enjoying life as a new family. There were also some lovely cards and which arrived for me, like this lovely Greetings From Leith one – totally unexpected because I hadn’t

alk about a baptism of fire! With Ella having finished off the May edition before she left for her maternity leave, I thought I’d be able to ease myself into the

reckoned on the sheer niceness of everyone in the greetings card industry. It’s all just a bit different from my previous job at News International with the News of the World and their Irish edition. I’m afraid I couldn’t resist picking Cardmix’s Have I Got News For You Rebekah Brooks offering as new editor’s card of the month. If anyone has been following the Leveson Enquiry and NOTW closure debacle, you know it makes sense. Then it was off to my first-ever exhibition, along with advertising manager Drew Smyth who was so new to the job we hadn’t had chance to organise business cards so I wrote his name on the back of mine and we hit PG Live Together. I never knew there was so much to greetings

cards! We spent the whole two-day show meeting all the lovely exhibitors and checking out their wares, picking our favourites – and I’m looking forward to seeing if the delightful Ben Joel Price, of Symetria, manages to use my little ghost suggestion in the range of Halloween cards he’s currently developing.

Welcoming - Greetings From Leith

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NOTW closure debacle, you know it makes sense”

“If anyone has been following the Leveson Enquiry and

Welcome to the world Alice Belle

Cards received for baby Alice from: Hartung, Abacus, Ling Designs, Talking Pictures, Holy Mackerel, Camden Graphics, Clare Maddicott, Blott 7

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