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Mojo turns on the

Booking in lots tears – of

laughter Since his fi rst appearance three years ago, Mojo the Cat has graced 50 different Tranquil Space greetings cards. And owner Deidre Morrison – who describes herself as director of colouring-in and cat-wrangling - says he shows no signs of slowing down yet although he does have help from Zizou, Toku, Parker and Mr Stripeypants. Derdrie said: “I collected Zizou and Toku in Hull on the way back

from PG Live last year and took home to Belfast. “They’re each very talented in their own right - we didn’t intend

to have fi ve cats but we do have two kids too so we’re quite normal really!”

She was very busy on her PG Live stand as she’s developing the Jade Moon range of Chinese horoscope cards along with her Twinkle Twinkle light-up cards. “We had a big powwow with the printer today,” she added,

“and are looking at making almost bespoke paper for the Chinese horoscopes because we want an aged feel so, once we apply the foiling and embossing, it will look really special. “I was talking to one of my retailers, he was saying that for

astrology cards you can only sell for the month in question but the Chinese horoscopes give them a much longer shelf life. “Yesterday was really interesting, I had quite a lot of repeat business, some new customers and some really good chats with some interesting people. We’re at a bit of a turning point and about to take the next step. “It’s been a good show all in all and hopefully we will see a bit of retailer confi dence returning.”

“A woman was in tears – of laughter I hasten to add - because of the ‘I shot the Shitzu card’ as she walked away from the stand – and I had three people have come back to me to tell me about her crying.” T: 02890 472022

Is it a card? Is it a book? If you’re looking for something that’s more than just a card, Cardooo is the place to look.

CEO Nick Kenney said: “We have cards full of fun, it’s more than a book, we’re completely different, incredible value for money at £2.99 and we’re enhancing the kids because we get them to be active, it’s just a fantastic means of getting books in to a card.

“This is an awful lot

braver because the production costs are higher. We’re going phenomenally well, we’ve had a lot of interest from big companies which is great and everyone says we should be in John Lewis - but their buyers keep telling us we don’t fi t their market! “This morning we had some John Lewis staff round saying ‘wow’ but their buyers keep saying no.” T: 020 3167 1800


of information From educational book publishing to greetings cards may seem a bit of a leap but both can contain a lot of information. As My World Publishing Publications Executive David Simpson said: “Information is a big feature of a lot of our products, we do Eat Me Drink Me cards – we have recipes, for things like cake, fudge and cocktails. “We do football teams with factoids about the club and general interest info both inside and on the back. And we do birthday date cards, again with facts – and we have My Year books that go with them with information about the year. We try not to do too heavy news which can be a bit diffi cult with the war years! “We’ve been doing this since March, started developing it then and this is our fi rst show. We were traditionally book publishers, mainly academic ones, then we started publishing some interest books and it was a natural progression over to cards.” Fellow Publications Executive Sarah Porter added: “We’ve had interest from the Royal Ballet about developing a range of ballet cards, with instructions on how to do a plié or a pirouette, and the Rugby Union could be interested too.” T: 0191 305 5165

Naughty boys on the Bus All the naughty stuff goes on at the Back Of The Bus which is exactly why the new card company that was launched at PG Live picked the name.

And Sales Manager Bill Greeno was all togged up in an appropriate

outfi t – complete with his very own ticket punch! “It’s an offi cial 1950s bus conductor’s uniform,” he said. “This is a new company launched here, We also do Quitting Hollywood but this is new stuff that Quitting Hollywood doesn’t do any more. “It’s near-the-knuckle cards that aren’t for sissies so we’re going back to our roots. We’re selling them to independents that are not afraid to let their customers buy what they want.” T: 07881 753292

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