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Mischievous cat could prove

kids choice Cute little Pip gets into all sorts of trouble on the latest range of My Cat Pip greetings cards as he tries to do what might not be everyday tasks for the average feline! The

fresh and innovative

cartoon style is a new approach for Over The Moon Design and has proved extremely popular with Pip’s fan base some of whom have even contributed ideas for the range!

Over The Moon have also added to their popular All Things Nice

card range with a new collection of social stationery for babies and pre-schoolers such as thank-you notes and party invitations featuring gorgeous little bunnies Sugar and Spice.

Sugar as a cute little princess and Spice as an adorable pirate are just two of the designs in the fantastic new range all of which are fi nished with top-quality encapsulated fl itter (that actually doesn’t come off on your fi ngers!) T: 01673 818081

Just right for a cowboy or a

princess A colourful mix of illustration and graphic work makes Otter House’s Images & Editions children’s ranges a winner.

Whether you have a cowboy or a princess, the ranges cover major age milestones and many sending occasions.

Otter House also have the Pet Pawtrait cards which are the ideal combination of cute and aahh which are ideal for children. And their newest

creation is a retail display like nothing before – the Pallet Pod arrives fully loaded with stock on a wooden pallet ready to be dropped into place in store with no fuss and no risk. It comes with full point of sale and a cardboard skirt, and the unique aspect is tits returnable, no risk terms T: 01392 824300

Deadly wave of new ranges Three exciting new ranges from TV shows are hitting the shelves from Portico Designs, starting with the Deadly 60 brand which appeals to both children and adults.

The BBC1 TV show has 4.3million viewers keen on the adventures of Steve Backshall and his quest to fi nd the most deadly animals in the world.

The range of cards and 2013 calendar covers some of the scariest and most dangerous creatures on the planet!

Especially for children is The Octonauts range or cards and calendars, featuring a crew of eight adorable animals who explore the ocean in search of adventure and fun – and the No1 animated show on CBeebies. From their undersea Octopod base, the talented critters are always

ready to embark on new exciting missions. Mr Tumble and his friends from the award-winning BBC series Something Special feature in the range of bright, fun cards and calendars for pre-schoolers. Mr Tumble and his friends enjoy gentle adventures and plenty of tomfoolery. T: 0845 330 1245

Dressing up is here

to stay Out To Play is the new children’s birthday range from Tanya Palmer. Among the designs you’ll fi nd a cool surfer dude, a masked superhero, a perfect party princess, a gold-winged fairy and the biggest present ever! These cute new characters with their

stripey tights and passion for dressing up are already proving very popular.

As toy-of-the-moment fads come and go, dressing up and playing

out are enduring pastimes for small children, brandishing a cutlass or sparkly wand in a magical make-believe world is a rite of passage that will never go out of fashion These bright, fun-fi lled designs have been stitched and appliqued in jaunty fabrics, then printed onto 100 per cent recycled board. They come in cellophane wrappers with a contrasting coloured envelope. All the cards are 145mm square and are designed and printed in

Yorkshire. T: 07854 247554 31

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