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Use your imagination

Bright and colourful childrens cards are everywhere so here we focus on some of the best on the market - and those with added value

S Birthday

blast off Journey towards the fi nal frontier, boldly venture deep into outer space for thrilling adventures and celebrate in spectacular style with a Birthday Blast Off from Aianna’s rocket boy - ideal for any little boys and girls who dream of being space adventurers when they grow up!

This colourful and eye-catching card is just one of 15 fantastic new imaginative and joyful designs in Aianna’s latest range Happy Go Lucky which is full of endearing characters to appeal to children of all ages.

The inventive range has a varietyof birthday designs and also includes other momentous occasions. There are 15 cards in the range each coordinated with matching envelope. RRP £2.99 T: 0781 610 3570


pacemen and princesses, cowboys and Indians, popstars and monsters – it’s all about imagination and fun with children.

And they want their greetings

cards to refl ect that so the brighter and more exciting it is, the better.

If a card has something extra, such as badges, colouring in, stories or puzzles, it really adds to the fun and means the card lasts far longer than the big day display on the mantelpiece. Companies like Cardooo, Scaredy Cat, Claire Louise, Laura Sherratt Designs and Cracker cards are really pushing the boundaries on these. Claire Louise cards can be coloured in and cut out

to turn into bookmarks, while Cardooo have worked out how to get a book into a card, so you get extra value for money. At Scaredy Cat they specialise in badge cards – but

it’s not just your average age, there are Geek badges and Boo for Halloween, Caution and Exams among the ranges. They’re also considering bringing out collectables on trading cards.

Although aimed primarily at adults, Cracker Cards also work for youngsters with the snap to create a bang when opened and their comic cards take inspiration from retro comic books with a superhero joke and paper mask inside to make it an interesting way of giving a gift card or cash as a present. Taking it one step further is the Scribblers range

from Laura Sherratt Designs which are for little ones to colour in and send to their mums and dads, giving a lovely personal touch. So whether it’s for a toddler just realising the family cat is ideal prey for their cowboy gun, your nine-year- old copying Dr Who zapping the Daleks, or a pre-teen trying out the latest popstar styles, there’s a card out there which works for them.

Go Googly over card that’s a

gift Claire Louise has added a few more designs to the ‘Googly Eye’ range. Taken from original designs which have been created using watercolour backgrounds and felt shaped animals and characters she has created wonderful pictures that children will want to look at and touch. Once it’s time to take the

card off the mantelpiece, the inside can be coloured in and cut out to make a bookmark making it an interactive gift too.

The cards are printed on a white UV varnished board creating very bright punchy colours for children and are fi nished with triple-level embossing and hand fi nished with googly eyes. The card reads Happy Birthday inside and comes individually cello- wrapped with an envelope. T: 07715 373344

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