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HUMOURCARDS Christopher shares his Big

Appetite Silverstamp, the greeting card website that never forgets, has launched a new collection of amusing cards using Seattle-based photographer, writer, artist and fi lmmaker Christopher Boffoli’s famous Big Appetites (Disparity) images. From a young age watching fi lms such as Honey I Shrunk The Kids and The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Christopher was interested in size disparity and small children living in a large adult world. Per Selbekk, Silverstamp Co-founder, said: “We knew as soon as we saw Boffoli’s work that we wanted it for the website. It is quirky, fun and different to any other card designs that we offer. We are constantly expanding the range of worldwide artists that we work with and Boffoli is a notable addition to this portfolio.”

T: 020 3106 2763

LOL with three new ranges Hallmark are concentrating on developing new humour concepts with the focus on breadth of offer, leveraging their creative and editorial talent to create product, which will deliver a point of difference. This can be seen in three new signature ranges running through their Line Extensions and Counter offering,. Defi nitions – based on dictionary defi nitions,

the cards in this range are tongue in cheek; they look at the funny side of reality, but come back to warm sentiment in the end. They use modern, conversational language that you just wouldn’t expect in a defi nition and cover subjects as wide ranging as motherhood through to your Christmas sherry or becoming a teenager. LOL – trending on the demotivational posters on the internet. This range takes this idea and amends it to make it a photographic greetings card, offering best-selling themes like birthday celebrations, beer and having a pop at blokes. It’s visually funny with an unexpected observational twist in the editorial. Juvenile – A brand-new humour card range developed for the younger generation, it uses modern language, up-to-date references and humour to produce cards suitable for each year from age seven upwards. The designs are fun, bright and bang on trend.

T: 01274 252000

Escape from the real world At Alice Palace, humorous cards continue to be some of their best sellers. Buyers and recipients alike can take a few minutes to escape from the real world with a humorous card, and enjoy the feel-good factor of having a giggle.

They’ve found their Best Of British range sells particularly well because people can associate with animals and the nostalgia. Each illustration is created with a little bit of quirky-ness and subtle humour to set them apart from the rest.

Alice Palace aim to put a smile on

people’s faces and these designs have show they are succeeding! T: 01386 424977


Smile, don’t be nervous Humorous cards are in abundance these days, and rightly so, as everyone needs a little cheering up, especially when times are hard, says Artquirk’s Nicky Guest.

But Nicky fears she may not be alone in feeling slightly nervous shopping for a humour card these days, for fear of opening one and fi nding it so far down the ultra modern vulgarity route, she may not even understand it! Artquirk’s brand-new Wobbly Bits range of 18 original designs from Charlene Mitchell does away with crass jokes and witty remarks, and focuses on slightly- cheeky imagery to entertain us. Wobbly Bits features scantily-dressed

yet inoffensive animated characters who are both vivacious and endearing, and appeal to those who aren’t prudes, but for whom it is all getting just that bit too much!

T: 01202 631439

Knitting a naughty collection Fans of Mint’s much talked-about, market-leading range of Knit & Purl cards can now look forward to a brand new spin-off collection of Knit & Purl designs - with a difference! The fabulously naughty, tongue-in-cheek range of ‘Knitted Naughties’.

This new collection features both quirky characters and images with fun and risqué captions including, Fancy A Nibble, Mice Buns, Monster Cock and many more!

The range can also be displayed with an additional censored brown bag for some added naughtiness.

T: 0116 2304197

Chortle and chuckle away

Did you know that Brainbox Candy’s favourite noise is giggling? Well it is, we love it. So much so, we’ve been busy making tons of new card designs using our very own special chortle inks and printing on sustainably-sourced chuckle paper.

One of our new 2012 ranges is the rib-tickling Flip Flop Sandwich. Not just a shoe-based snack, but a range of 16 designs that turns the every day mundane on its head leaving you in a guffaw-inducing fi t. We’re also delighted to now boast an extensive range of humour mugs, coasters, magnets and gift wrap. Our refreshingly- different mugs are designed specifi cally to make your drinking funner (real word, look it up), try them out at work, although maybe not this design! Just don’t drop them as you could end up in stitches (see what we did there?!) Why not visit our website to view our complete collection? You can get a bus (No.6) although it’s probably a bit quicker to use your computer box. With over 450 card designs now available, we’re sure to have you holding your sides while reaching for the phone to order – work that out!?

T: 01702 716643

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