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Bad drawing gets the

Sticking to the motto

thumbs up Badly Drawn Parodies, the new range from Pork Pie Press, does what it says on the tin. The brilliance of the “artist” to come up with the concept to cover his shoddy artwork just has to be admired and the result is a range that just makes people laugh. Check out our range which covers some iconic scenes from Film and TV which represents some much-loved recognisable characters in this unique and quirky style. The representations are really eye-catching and we would love to describe them to you but we’d hate to get sued! The range appeals to all ages, all personalities - the only

prerequisite is a sense of humour! There really is something for everyone within this range and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

T: 01225 329494

Any colour so long as it’s

black Modern greetings cards for today’s people, that’s the idea at Full Colour Black who like their humour with an edge.

They make cards that appeal to the girl about town, and ones that can be bought by a woman for the man in her life. They also have cards that men buy for their women (and still be the man while doing so) as well as buying for their brothers, uncles, dads and work colleagues.

The White Range is for busy customers who need the right card in less than a minute. They say

exactly what needs to be said and are stylish too so you’ll fi nd all the occasions and ages in this range – expressed simply, stylishly and succinctly. But this wouldn’t be Full Colour Black without the odd bit of cheeky humour fi nding its way into the mix. Robert McGinnis is responsible for some of the most famous retro artworks in the world, including Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Barbarella and James Bond. This range combines humour with his retro-book cover portraits: from elegant and sexy, Bond-esque women to the reclining slob Walter Matthau from The Odd Couple. They also have the satirical street art and subversive epigrams of

secretive graffi ti artist Banksy, and Lamington the saddest dog in the world, plus the punchy and to-the-point Monkey Signs – possibly one of their most popular ranges because there’s a card for every person in the country!

T: 020 7617 7161

Egg-sactly “Humour, Humour, Humour…. and some other stuff” is the motto of card publisher Cremated Egg. Ten new ranges were

recently added to their collection, including the cute zombie series Darkette to appeal to those who like a

dark, cute and emotional (emo) type of humour. There’s also DIY Doug for those who appreciate DIY mishaps;

Winston’s Pickup Tips, where the character attempts to give advice on picking up girls plus Happy Head’s take on the world. And in Zoo-Illogical there is “Humour, Humour, Humour….”, and some other “potty-mouthed” or “fowl” language.

T: 020 3130 0295

Quite Splimply, go cheap and

miserable Cheery messages, cheesy jokes, pretty images, nice board … what more could you want in a humorous greetings card? Try gloom and doom, black humour, no pictures and truly horrible grey board … it works for Splimple! Splimple’s new Cheap and Miserable card range is sub-titled ‘Cheerless cards for tough times’ and every card has a prominent reminder that we’re in the midst of the worst recession since 1482 (approximately).

What Splimple has done with this highly-original and very funny range, is to tap in to the great British tradition of facing up to problems with humour - and these cards are full of it - with strong messages on the front, a rainstorm on the inside and some innovative humour on the reverse too. The standard trade price is just 85p and the rrp a recession-busting £1.99 … so you can buy the initial 12-design set for £61.20.

T: 01789 772377

Dear men – women are in

charge Sincerely Yours is the fun, humorous range from Caroline Gardner. Caroline’s quirky design style provides a striking backdrop to the witty lines such as “Dear men, you may wear the trousers, but who tells you which ones to wear? Yours sincerely, women.” Already proving to be very popular the range has recently expanded and now features 26 colourful, funny designs.

020 8288 9696 23

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