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more inspectors will be added or if more reviews will be done, he said. Sgt. Chad Hermanson is part of a

Highway Patrol has not decided if

team of about 10 Highway Patrol offi- cers who conduct roadside inspections. The team was doing inspections June 6 at a rest area on Interstate 94 east of Bismarck. “We’re getting a lot of oil field traffic

through here,” Hermanson said. Although the number of violations

has increased, the number of violations per truck has remained steady, he said. “There are just a lot more trucks,” he

oil field workers drive standard pickups pulling trailers with heavy equipment. Those trucks sometimes surpass weight requirements and drivers may not real- ize they need a commercial drivers li- cense, he said. Kopp has been driving trucks in the

oil field for 20 years. He said enforce- ment was more lax before the recent oil boom.

said. “When traffic picks up, we have to work harder.” Tom Balzer, North Dakota Motor

“The rules were never really pressed, now, all of a sudden, they’re checking everything. It’s hard for

Carriers Association managing direc- tor, said a few years ago he estimated the state had about 5,000 trucking com- panies. Since then, he said, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration new entrant program has added about 60 companies a month. Mehrer said there were 700 new entrants in the last fiscal year. Hermanson said the majority of the

violations he sees involve brake failures and hours of service. He also said some

companies to adapt.” – Northland Boring owner, Randy Kopp

he said, “Now, all of a sudden, they’re checking everything. It’s hard for com- panies to adapt.” Kopp said he is not against safety

regulations but enforcement is incon- sistent. When filling out log books, his

“The rules were never really pressed,”


Thursday, June 14, 2012n Page 9

MIKE McCLEARY/Tribune Semis leave Interstate 94 near Bismarck for inspections.

drivers might be told they’re missing something one time and missing an- other item the next time, he said. As the owner of a small company,

he feels the burden of keeping up with regulations. He even hired a company to help keep records but still has problems meeting requirements, he said. “It’s time-consuming,” he said.

“There’s so many things to fill out.” Companies with one to six trucks

have been reviewed 29 times so far in fis- cal year 2012, according to Federal Mo- tor Carrier Safety Administration data. Companies with seven to 20 trucks have been reviewed 28 times, companies with 21 to 100 trucks have been reviewed 29 times and companies with more than 100 rigs have been reviewed 16 times. Mehrer said he could not comment on why the larger companies are reviewed less.


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