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Alice in Recycle-land burst onto the local art scene

in association with EVERYONE’S CLIMBING TREE

ast year, Sonya Sabbagh had to knock on doors to start the art trail AP&Beyond. This year, artists are beating down hers to be part of it and there will be surprises galore

Last year, artist Sonya Sabbagh went on a mission to persuade local artists to open their homes to visitors for the inaugural AP&Beyond, an art and music trail around the Alexandra Palace area in north London. The event was such a success that this year, Sabbagh has been inundated with requests from people wanting to take part.

sculptures based around the theme of Alice in Recycle- land. Sophie Pelham, a graphic designer, is co-ordinating a group of local parents and children to make a giant toadstool.

“I thought the whole idea was brilliant and the atmosphere on Sunday evening last year was buzzing. Really vibrant and happy,” she says. “I wanted to get involved as I think the idea of art in the community is brilliant and this whole area is pretty special. I knew that my kids would have a ball making something large like this, with their friends and will get a huge kick out of seeing something they created being included as part of the trail.”

“It’s a way of making them feel a part of their community and how wonderful it is to be a part of something and not just a separate entity. I love the idea that they see that together, we can make something out of nothing - not just the toadstool - but by contributing to the whole trail.”

Along with the toadstools there will be other delights made by local children and artists including a Jabberwocky, made with recycled hospital ventilator tubing; a giant caterpillar; a Cheshire Cat; Tweedledum and Tweedledee graffiti; a Queen of Hearts workshop and an enormous Alice bursting out of Sabbagh’s Palace Gate Road flat.

Last year more than 25 artists and musicians exhibited work or gave concerts in their homes, local parks and cafes. This year the number of participants has doubled and there will be a magical mystery trail for children featuring giant models inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

“I am quite overwhelmed by the amazing amount of people taking part this year,” she says. “It’s strange, last year, I went around knocking on doors and asking people to join in and got to know everybody over cups of tea, but that hasn’t happened this year, people have been coming to me.”

Artists and musicians will open their houses and studios to the public on June 23 and 24. It will offer more than your average open studio event: there will also be exhibitions, concerts and workshops open to all ages in a various venues and open spaces around N22, N10 and N11. Local families and art clubs are taking part by creating

On the green opposite Everyone’s Climbing Tree, a community space next to Alexandra Palace station, there will be a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with poetry and a “scrapheap orchestra” on the Saturday, and a parade and African drumming on the Sunday.

Sabbagh is running the event in association with her family’s not-for-profit organisation Everyone’s Climbing Tree, which offers creative workshops in schools and the community.

AP&Beyond will take place on June 23 and 24. For further details visit or call Sonya Sabbagh on 07793 768 004.

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