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3 Mind-Body Causes of Weight Gain By Mike Bundrant

There are three little known mind/body systems that cause chronic stress, obesity and the inability to lose weight. You may not have heard of all of these, yet they af- fect your life on every level. When you understand how these systems operate, you can work with them to unravel age-old patterns that may have been contributing to weight gain and many other manifestations of chronic stress.

Most experts agree that overeating and weight gain is a stress-induced response. The solution almost always involves reducing stress in some fashion. Some of these glowing experts, after so aptly iden- tifying the cause of the problem, brilliantly suggest you take up a hobby, such as washing your car on Saturday mornings. I’m not kidding. We could call it the clean car diet.

For those who want a deeper understanding of how to heal chronic stress and tension, especially deep seated emotional stress, each of the following is worth further investigation.

Default Mode Network – the Inner Commotion Machine

Medical research on the source of chronic stress points to the brain’s default mode network (DMN). The DMN, active when your mind is not engaged in specific cognitive tasks, is responsible for the stream of self-referential thoughts or mind wander- ing that is commonly called “autopilot thinking.” When the DMN is overactive, it becomes a source of chronic tension.

Most people today can identify with a mind that

won’t “turn off.” Continual mental activity in- hibits relaxation, connection to the environment, peaceful sleep and keeps you in a state of chronic distraction and even self-consciousness.

Scientific research has linked hyperactivity in the DMN to depression, ADHD, insomnia, PTSD and other health conditions. What can be done about it? It turns out that you can deactivate this noisy brain network whenever it acts up. If you’re skep- tical of this claim, so were researchers. Marcus Raichle, MD, the original DMN researcher, ex- plained in the March 2010 edition of Scientific American:

In 1998 we even had a paper on such findings re- jected because one referee suggested that the re- ported decrease in [DMN] activity was an error in our data. The circuits, the reviewer asserted, were actually being switched on at rest and switched off during the [cognitive] task. Other researchers, how- ever, reproduced our results for both the medial parietal cortex — and the medial prefrontal cortex

(involved with imagining what other people are thinking as well as aspects of our emotional state). Both areas are now considered major hubs of the DMN.

It boils down to this: You can “turn off” the part of the brain that destroys your inner peace.

Engaging in specific kinds of cognitive tasks, also known as awareness practices, has been scientifi- cally proven to alter brain circuitry (not just brain chemistry, but actual circuitry) without the use of drugs.

Wilhelm Reich’s Emotional Armoring

Police use Kevlar vests to protect themselves from incoming bullets. The military uses tanks to wage war with greater advantage. Super heroes like Iron Man and Superman come with magnificent armor. Most people understand physical protection, but fail to grasp the even more prevalent need for emo- tional protection. Your body understands this need and, without seeking your permission, has always attempted to fill it.

From before you can remember, your body has fought to defend against emotional harm. When you were teased as a child, rejected, misunder- stood,


A Good Body Cleansing for Health Our bodies are built to handle toxins. They are like fortresses with entrances and exits. We absorb through the entrances and release through the exits. Some of these passageways are actually both, such as the mouth, ears, nose and skin. All cell membranes are created to absorb and release. Read more on page 14.

Spiritual Health

What’s Happening on Planet Earth and How Can Yoga Help

Earth is in the midst a huge clean-up. Much of what is happening to hu- manity on an individual and collec- tive basis has the expressed purpose of exposing old ego-centered prac- tices and beliefs which cause limitation and pain and then transmuting them into a Soul-empowered society. Read more on page 16.


To Cut or Not to Cut? Surgery vs. Chiropractic for Sciatica

If you have compression of the sciatic nerve, located in the base of the lumbar spine, I’m sorry to say you have sciatica. Sciatica, which can include pain, tin- gling, numbness and muscle weakness, is really a symptom indicating an underlying problem, not a diagnosis in and of itself. Read more on page 10.

Chronic Pain

EFT: An Alternative Treatment for Chronic Pain

Continued on page 19

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EFT helps people reduce and often alle- viate pain by looking at the under- lying emotional cause behind pain symptoms. Even in cases where it seems un- likely that there would be an emotional aspect to pain, EFT has proven successful. Read more on page 17.

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