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Years of Service 65  A Nonprofit Organization 2012 NEW YORK CITY GALA Stossel Leads Winning Team NEW YORK—Renowned jour-

John Stossel honored during New York City gala.

nalist and commentator John Stossel joined the Stuttering Foundation at a May 8th gala in New York to cele- brate National Stuttering Awareness Week and the Foundation’s 65th Anniversary as the world’s leading charitable orga- nization help- ing those who stutter. “John has

Author, playwrite, and actor Scott Damian, page 2.

been a long- time friend of the Foundation and a true champion for people who stutter. He readily admits that stuttering is still a con- cern for him and shows his courage every evening as he faces the camera,” said Jane Fraser, president of the nonprofit organization. Fraser presented Stossel with the

Foundation’s “Converting Awareness into Action” award. “Awareness is really noth-

New York Jets star Ellis Lankster, page 3.

ing without action – it in- volves a willingness to in- spire others,” Fraser said. “This award is symbolic of John’s dedication over many years to helping those who stutter.”

“Providing hope is a team effort,”

added Fraser. “We rely on the courage and kindness of many to showcase the talents and accomplishments of peo- ple who stutter, to inspire and to shine a spotlight on what is possible.” Also receiving recognition for their contributions to the stuttering community are recording artist F r a n c o i s Goudreault, Jr., of

Hello Kelly, au- thor/actor/play- wright Scott Damian,

the band and

John Stossel receives the “Converting Awareness Into Action” award from Celia Gruss, granddaughter of SFA Founder, Malcolm Fraser.

New York Jets cornerback Ellis Lankster. “Today we

honor those who have opened their hearts and

lives by sharing their story and experi- ences as an example for all who strug- gle to speak,” continued Fraser. During the past year, the under-

standing of stuttering increased dra- matically with the Oscar-winning movie, The King’s Speech. The Foundation, building upon this, awareness

is converting into


throughout its 65th year, reaching people in 136 coun- tries around the world.

Stosselʼs Stats Winner of 19 Emmy Awards, journalist John Stossel is one

Hello Kelly front-man Francy Goudreault, Jr., page 4.

of the most recognized and articulate reporters today. However, he once considered giving up his broadcasting ca- reer because of his stuttering!

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