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I have had the good fortune of seeing the Fabulous Ripcords many times over the last several years and recently had the opportunity to have Irving Lyons answer a few questions about the band. It was through Irv’s answers that I learned that the Ripcords, as many of their fans know them, began with a collaboration of Rex Lyons and Dugan Henhawk and I learned just how far back these two go together. Rex and Dugan go all the way back to the seminal punk and roll band, Whiteboy and the Wagonburners, which set Central New York afire in the late 80’s and early 90’s. When it came time for the formation of the Fabulous Ripcords, Rex brought in his cousin Irving Lyons to play guitar and sing, along with Whiteboy alumni and drummer, Phil Regan. Jay Gould on bass and Scott Ebner on keyboards complete the lineup for the Ripcords. Jay and Scott are well-respected veterans of the local music scene and former members of the band The Roustabouts. Rex Lyons, the respected guitar player, vocalist and bandleader of the Rip-

cords often shares his style of equal parts country, blues, rockabilly, and swing by regularly sitting in with Los Blancos, Pete McMahon, and other local lumi- naries around Central New York. Irv is a talented vocalist and guitar player who brings to the band a distinctive sound rooted in Latin influenced jazz and as well as country and blues. In addition, he is a major contributor of original material for the band. Scott Ebner is known for his barrelhouse piano playing and swirl- ing Leslie speaker sound. He also plays accordion, mandolin, and guitar and does


Cold Beer • Great Food • Biker Sunday

Steamed Little Neck Clams Fresh Cut Steaks • Handmade Burgers

Seafood • Homemade Pizzas • Prime Rib Saturday Perch • Karaoke Friday Nights

Corner of Rt. 298 & Taft Rd. In Rattlesnake Gulch • 315-656-9860

The band will celebrate their new CD, Voodoo Girl, at a CD release party upstairs in the Dino on June 7, 2012. I suggest you all check it out.

some song writing. His influences are Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Payne, and The Band. He has played at the Bottom Line in NYC, The Broken Spoke in Austin, and a few other venues with CNY native and current Austin favorite Penny Jo Pullus. He is in demand at many showcases and festivals as well as in record- ing sessions for many musical projects. Jay Gould is a first call bass player who is an integral part of the Ripcords and an accomplished jazz guitar player. While he hails from CNY, he lived and played in Boston before returning to CNY. His work with The Roustabouts, Ron Spencer and Jump-start, and Beyond the Pale in Boston show his deep dedication to roots and American music and skill at ar- ranging. Phil Regan is also a veteran of the CNY music scene. His past projects include drumming for Whiteboy and the Wagon Burners and also The Sputniks. He is considered a musicologist who is steeped in traditional American music. His


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