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June 2012—

S.H.E. membership meeting meeting on Sunday,

Barbara Schwartz Everyone is invited to attend the S.H.E. (Sisterhood Havurat Emet) general membership June 3, at 7:00 p.m. at

Our speaker will be AIPAC’s (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Phoenix Regional Representative Gary Marcus. AIPAC is America’s pro-Israel lobby, and for a half century has worked to help make Israel

more secure by ensuring that American support for Israel is strong. You do not have to be a member of S.H.E. to attend this meeting. For directions to Linda’s home, call 480-588-1827. 

Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation hold B’Nai Mitzval service

Shirley Shalett, VP Publicity The classes began in February of

2012, led by Rabbi Irwin Wiener and will continue monthly until October 12, 2012. At that Friday night service, the 14 congregants will have their B’Nai Mitzah. The class is: Adrian Bendick, Arleen

and Jeff Berke, Carol Biales, Myra Buckner, Arleene Forgang, Karen Hasenfus, Phyllis Novy, Irma Shapiro, Susie and Larry Shapiro, Mary Swerdloff,

Judy Weissman

and Judy Wolin. All congregants, family and friends are

welcome. There will be a very special and scrumptious Oneg Shabbat following services that night.

This is a truly awesome experience

for all. Everyone has different reasons for having their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, but to those that are going through the learning and rehearsing, there is a special meaning for each of them. Many were not able to have their Bat/Bar Mitzvah at age 13, and this enables those to achieve their dreams. Some of them may be wearing one of their relative’s tallit or some other garb that was worn by them or another family member at another mitzvah. Please save the date and come and be

with all of us to be part of their experience. If you have any questions, please call President Gail at 480-802-1832. 

WELLNESS ___________________________ - continued from page 43

Acknowledged in his fi eld, Don

also gives Tai Chi and Qigong Teacher Training with Certifi cates. Ever since in 1995, the American Medical Association recommended Tai Chi as a daily exercise because it “produced maximum benefi ts with the least amount of

stress on the body,” there has been a growing need for

Tai Chi teachers. Don and Tori have created programs with simplifi ed movements so anyone can learn and do them. For more information on the Wellness

Cruise to the Panama Canal on Celebrity Century Cruise line for this December, contact

Jane Limbaugh at 480-883-1766 or 

SAVVY ________________________________ - continued from page 44

Northern India, Collette Vacations India – April 2013. Jeanette is taking

deposits. We only have until July 31 to fi ll our 20 spots with $250 deposits to make it an exclusive Sun Lakes Tour. After that date, Collette Vacations will open to the public to fi ll the extra spots. The price is

$2,849 for 15 days. Some of us are doing Dubai for three nights adding $499 per person, total $3,348; air is extra. Collette’s total air package is $2,250 that includes transfers and intra air. Call Jeanette at 602- 909-2000 for more information or email 

BRIDGE ______________________________ - continued from page 55

May 11. 1st Jeannie Kitzman, 2nd Ruby

Reid. Hostesses: Linda True and Suzanne Swanson

Saturday Couples Bridge 4/14. 1st Lori Scharbach and Shelley

Spirlong, 2nd Barbara and Jim Lewis, 3rd Bill Moy and Marlys Long. Slam: Cynthia Cantor and Jeanette Newman 4/21. 1st Maurine Howell and Evy

Salisbury, 2nd Jeanette Newman and Kay Morisson, 3rd Kitty and Lauren

Satinsky. Slam: Jeanette Newman and Kay Morisson 4/28. 1st Barbara Kaplan and Anne

Murphy, 2nd Sandy Hinrichs and Irene Edmund, 3rd Dennis Spirlong and Paula Herzstein. Slam: Barbara Kaplan and Anne Murphy 5/5. 1st Joyce Rasmussen and Jean

Such, 2nd Jeanette Newman and Cynthia Cantor, 3rd Dee Siehl and Dee Guthrie. Slam: Sandy Hinrichs and Irene Edmunds; Dee Siehl and Dee Guthrie. 

CARD SCORES _______________________ - continued from page 56

Thursday Double Deck Pinochle

Jerry Alexander We meet

for open play every

Thursday evening from 7:00-9:30 p.m. in the air conditioned/heated Sewing Room of Oakwood Arts & Craft Center. Newcomers, experienced or novice, are always welcome; single players, couples, or groups. Come meet and play with your neighbors who have discovered or rediscovered the fun of double deck pinochle. Arrive early before we start any Thursday evening for a refresher or

beginner lesson on how to play double deck pinochle. For more information, contact Jerry Alexander at 480-883-7595. April 19. 1st Jacquie Dobson 800; 2nd

Jerry Alexander 667; 3rd Dave Smits 574. April 26. 1st Ellie Ewish 1,123; 2nd

Jerome Schultz 997; 3rd Dave Smits 926. May 3. 1st Bunny Sullivan 1,511; 2nd

Jerry Alexander 1,492; 3rd Dave Smits 1,328. May 10. 1st Dave Smits 1,472; 2nd

Ellie Ewish 1,298, 3rd Jerry Alexander 1,201. 

PVLGA _______________________________ - continued from page 59

RELIGION 71 the home of Linda Brooks in Cottonwood.

eliminate our most unfavorable holes. Many players were disappointed, “three was not enough.” We were able to take pars instead. Carolyn Hoffl and, Pat Tjsvold and Carol Meyers secured fi rst place. In second place Colleen Mitchell, Virginia Cook and Lucsa Busbee. The third place winners were Jean Appleton, Sharon Eisenzimmer and Evelyn Newland. These ladies were respectively the winners in fl ights one through three. Our star of the day was Carolyn Huffl and. On hole no. 3 her drive rolled right into the cup! Carolyn had been heard saying she has never had a hole-in-one. “Never say never.” Congratulations, Carolyn, from all of us! PVL low net tournament on April 17 was

won by Carolyn Meyers, Carolyn Hoffl and and Patt Tjsvold.

Visser, Dot Starkoff and Liz Kirkpatrick. The fl ight three winners were Joyce Rosoti, Judy Conaway and Paula Eberly. Our annual Crossover Tournament on

April 19 included players from Ironwood, Cottonwood, Oakwood and Palo Verde. The four-person teams were comprised of a player from each club, when possible. We met new friends and tried our best to obtain a low score. Thank you, Nancy Howell, for organizing and recruiting PV ladies to participate in this fun event. Prior to play, a delicious breakfast buffet was provided by the Ironwood ladies. The other half of the fi eld played at Cottonwood and also enjoyed a morning buffet. The second day of play we reversed course. April 25, the second day of our crossover

tournament, was cancelled due to the inclement weather. Strong winds, driving

In fl ight two, Tammy

rain and a brief dust storm were the causes. The winners were determined by the scores from the previous weeks play at Ironwood. Our luncheon took place in the San Tan Ballroom. The top money winner from CW was Maryanne Lofquist, from IW Barbara Hewitt and Marie Welsch. The Oakwood top money winners were Marilyn Morgan and Jan Skibo; from PV Sharon Claude and Nancy Wolfi n. We look forward to next year and desirable weather. We observed “Earth Day.” Our earth is

the land surface of the world. Our earth is the third planet from the sun. Our earth enables us to grow and delight in all that is

bountiful and beautiful. Our earth

contributes to the vibrant scents and colors of nature. Our earth delights our eyes. Our earth enables us to tread upon our lush golf courses and play among the graceful palms. Our earth is a vast area in which to work and enjoy life. Our earth has been created by someone who truly cares for us; in return let us demonstrate how we truly care and respect our precious earth. April 24

brought to a close the

tournaments for the month. A low gross tournament was won by Sandy Patton- Joseph, Delores Allard and Carol Myers. Flight two winners were Betty Echgeimeier, Gwen Curtis and Dot Starkoff. The third fl ight winners included Dotty Witson, Marion Olshefski and Sharon McKoy. That’s all the news for April. I leave you

with two golf truisms. The ball always lands where the pin was yesterday. The rake is always in the other trap. Talk to you next month and have fun. 

IO PRESIDENT _______________________ - continued from page 10

$6-7 a month depending on the water consumption. While this is a step in the right direction,

the Board and General Manger will continue the effort to ensure the eventual rate increase is as low as possible and fair and equitable to IronOaks and to IronOaks residents. The Association will fi le an objection to the proposed rate increase with


Arizona Corporation Commission. It is important individual homeowners also fi le their objection. Contact information for each Commission member is posted on our website. Part of the rate increase process includes

open meetings where the Corporation Commission will listen to customer input. Randy Ankeny, IronOaks General Manager, has requested the Commission schedule an offsite meeting to be hosted at This will make it easier

IronOaks. for homeowners

to personally voice their questions and concerns. CC&R Revision The CC&R Revision Ad Hoc Committee

has been working for over a year. A Board workshop was held to enable the Committee to present their work to date. The suggested changes can be broken down into three categories. BASIC CHANGES—these are basically housekeeping changes with no substantial change from the current status. MODEST CHANGES—these will simplify or clarify exiting language but may carry some implications for change from the current status. MAJOR ISSUE CHANGES—these issues

relate to collecting and spending

money and when the Board can act and when the Board needs owner approval. The work of the committee has already taken over a year and is expected to take another year before it goes to homeowners for their vote. The current CC&R document is 63 pages, and the current draft has been cut to 34 pages. The organization and readability is much improved. The next step is to get a legal opinion on several specifi c areas in the new CC&R document. Following that, the CC&R committee will meet with the other IronOaks committees and homeowners to solicit their input. After this has been completed,

they will revise the document for Board and legal review.

Once approved by the Board, there will be a homeowner education campaign. Finally, it will be presented to the community for vote. As you can imagine this has been a

labor-intensive process. The second draft that was presented to the Board yesterday is a culmination of hard work, reason and compromise. Once again, the community is deeply indebted to the Ad Hoc CC&R Revision Committee. If you have a specifi c interest in the

CC&R revision, please check the IronOaks website for the date and time of their meetings. All of our committee meetings are open to any homeowners. Reserve Study Committee IronOaks has been prudent in building

its Reserve Fund. The fund currently has a balance of over $4.6 million. Each year $1.2 million is contributed to the fund by allocating $300 from each member’s annual dues. It is time to direct our attention to improving the operation of the fund with a comprehensive analysis of the current reserve structure. Dave Wigton, IronOaks Treasurer, will chair an Ad Hoc Reserve Study Committee. The focus of the committee will include but not be limited to six areas. 1. Physical Inventory 2. Criteria for Reserve Assets 3. Procedure, Policy and Protocols for

the Reserve Fund 4. Optimal Funding Goal 5. Golf Reserve Study 6. Annual Capital Budget Finally, as our high season winds down

and we say goodbye to our snowbirds, I would like to thank Randy Ankeny and his staff for an amazing start to 2012. Revenue at all of our venues is up. Homeowner participation at our restaurants,


events, fi tness and racquet centers and our golf courses is at the highest level we have seen in several years. Recently the Board had the pleasure of meeting about 90 new residents at a new homeowner reception. In speaking with our new residents, I was struck by the excitement and enthusiasm they showed for their new community. They all mentioned the many activities and amenities available to them as they settle into their retirement years. 


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