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Joy Dolin At its fi nal luncheon meeting until

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September, Shalom Chapter of Hadassah members enjoyed a tasty salad. Offi cers for the 2012-2013 year were installed and wished a good year. Hadassah membership is open to all who support its objectives. Shalom Chapter meets the third Tuesday of each month from September to April. We remember with sadness the passing of Janis Newman who was instrumental in starting the chapter in Sun Lakes. For more information, please call membership vice president Kathy McKimmy at 895-5794. 

We enjoy the safety, security and convenience provided at Park Regency.

Adriane Goldman and Ruth Lavin are the newly installed presidents of Shalom Chapter of Hadassah.

Sun Lakes resident retires from Baptist Church

Karen Goetz Our Associate Pastor, Richard Hatfi eld, retired May 20, and we hosted a big open house

“We love the idea that most of our needs can be met right here on campus. The staff and our fellow residents are incredibly nice and friendly. You can definitely feel that they care. In our opinion, Park Regency is the best around!” — Bill & Betty Bickmeier, current residents of Park Regency.

PARK REGENCY Independent Living • Personalized Assisted Living

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care • Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing 2555 North Price Road, Chandler, Arizona 85224

 For more information about Park Regency, please call (480) 345-7171.

celebration in the ACC Community Center for him that Sunday. Pastor Hatfi eld has not only been an associate pastor, counselor and teacher here at ACC for the past six years, but he also ran a counseling offi ce on Southern Avenue in Tempe for many years and was the senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Tempe on McClintock and 60. He and his wife Josie presently reside in Sun Lakes. 

S.H.E. stands for Sisterhood of Havurat Emet

Barbara Schwartz Our temple sisterhood has a new name

to refl ect who we really are! S.H.E. stands for Sisterhood of Havurat Emet. Our goal for the upcoming year is to be a new community of friends to each other, since we have all resettled in Arizona and left our old circle of friends behind. We will get together once a month, even over the summer, to just socialize among friends. We

welcome everyone in the community to join us. If you are not yet a member of S.H.E., we welcome you to make our circle complete! Our June “out to lunch bunch” will be

held on Tuesday, June 26, 2012, at 1:00 p.m. at Dragon Wok, 727 W. Ray Road, southeast corner of Ray and Cooper. Since we will be carpooling to the lunch, please contact or to make your reservation. 

Unity: Human or Spiritual?

Kay Davis There’s a song written by Shondra

Jepperson, I’m a Being of a Spiritual Realm that we sometimes sing at Unity that tells us about the ‘real’ of us. Although we live a human existence—the part that perceives with our fi ve senses, we are truthfully living in a Spiritual realm, the part that guides us and gives us peace, hope, strength and joy. We tend to falsely believe that what we are is only physical because that’s what we can touch, hear and see when the substance beneath it all is invisible, the Spiritual realm. The words of the song go on to say that we are Divinity in action, prosperity, freedom, forgiveness, health, compassionate, trusting, inner vision and all that we desire. Are we living a human existence or are we beings of a Spiritual realm? We are both, but the quality of our human existence is dependent upon our faith and surrender to the Allness that we do not see. The choice is always ours. Events, Classes and Services are as

follows: Sunday Celebration: Our church services are held in the Arts and Crafts

room of the Sun Lakes Country Club at 9:30 a.m. Toni Corrigan is our pastor. We will be closed the months of July and August. We will resume services on September 2. Coffee and fellowship follows the service. World Day of Prayer: On September 6,

people all over the world will be joining in prayer. Plans for our church are to be announced at a later date. Unity Explores: We will be having

future meetings starting in the fall of 2012. It has been a wonderful year, and we are looking forward to what this committee has planned for us in the future. Reiki Circle:

Tuesday mornings at 9:30 a.m.

This group meets on in Room

A-2 of Cottonwood Country Club. For information call Lois Valleau at 480-883- 6699. Prayer Team: If you have a prayer

request or if you wish to join in the prayer team, please call Toni Corrigan at 480- 632-554. Unity Website: Join us on-line on our

website. We now have archives of Toni’s past lessons on Check it out! 

DOLLY ________________________________ - continued from page 50

to buy even from Savers or Goodwill. The dolls and other items they donate to us are very much appreciated. As

always we are in need of

unbreakable dolls of all types especially 14”-16”-18” little girl dolls. The fabric we need should be solid colors or small prints suitable for baby or little girl dolls. We also have a need for fl annel and fl eece for doll blankets, lace and other sewing supplies, yarn of all kinds and crochet cotton and children’s books. Other small items that we can give to the Food Bank for distribution to small children coming in with their mothers. We are also in need of small (about 3”) baby bottles as we fi nd


these are very hard to come by. We have a great many baby dolls that need bottles, as we like to include one with each doll. It would even be nice to have a miniature rattle to include. We always

include a

baby blanket or quilt with each doll. Even if donated items can’t be used by us, we will fi nd an appropriate place where they can be used. Since we are a Special Interest Group of the Sew-N-Sews, some of the other charities we support can use items that are donated. For more information about joining

our group or to donate items, call Rose Zimmer at 480-895-5148 or Viv Sloane at 480-688-7823.  — June 2012 Hadassah installation luncheon

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