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June 2012—


Desert Cove wins tournament championship

Hits and Misses

Arlene Burkhardt The following are the high scores

for the last week of our regular bowling season. 4-30. Men - High Scratch Series: Bob

Welch 711 and Terry Lochbaum 671; High Scratch Game: Bob Welch 290 and Ed Poltonavage 254. Women - High Scratch Series: Donna Bole 501 and Trish English 471; High Scratch Game: Donna Bole 199 and Rita Benfer 190. The winning team for the season

was the Tappers consisting of Sharon Lochbaum, Judi Kilgus, Paul Erli and Warren Schick. Second place was Mr. Ed’s Fillies consisting of Betty Echgelmeir, Mary Kauffman, Rita Benfer and Ed Poltonavage. First place winners in the sweeper

were: Pat Schmeckpeper with a 483 Scratch and Nancy Watson 671 Handicap

for the women and Terry Lochbaum 689 Scratch and Bill English 689 Handicap for the men. We had over 90 people at our banquet,

held at Cactus Corner. We want to thank Cactus Corner for taking good care of us and especially thank Ruth Andersen who was in charge of the banquet and her helpers Barb Zander and Marcie Buirge. They did a wonderful job. If any of you are interested in joining

our league this next season, please feel free to get in contact with me, Arlene Burkhardt, at 895-8122. Our league meeting will be at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, September 24, 2012, and our league will start on Monday, October 1, 2012. It’s a handicap league with a wide range of averages. The only thing we require is you have a good time.

Prime Timers

April 4. Men--Scratch Game: Norm Lamster 226, Paul Bogue 221, Dan Moreno 214; Scratch Series: Norm Lamster 627, Paul Bogue 602, Carl Doak 592; Handicap Game: Dan Moreno 247, Jim Hutchins, Paul Bogue and Walter Westrack 245; Handicap Series: Dan Moreno 677, Paul Bogue 674, Darrell Simon 655. Women--Scratch Game: Carol Sinicki 205, Gertie Stine and Karen Eberlein 204; Scratch Series: Gertie Stine 571, Carole Sinicki 566, Carol Biales 522; Handicap Game: Karen Eberlein 249, Mary Morris 247, Juliette Bisson 241; Handicap Series: Gertie Stine 676, Mary Morris and Carol Biales 663. The end of the 2011/2012 season is over. Here are the fi nal results. We had a banquet dinner at Sun Lakes Country Club, and it was enjoyed by all. Thank you to the Cactus Corner for an excellent dinner and service. The awards and trophies were given out. A big thanks to McRay Lanes for donating the trophies and other goodies during the season. Men--High Series Scratch: Carl Doak 712, Ed Sowney 656; High Game Scratch: Bill Lee 276, Norm Lamster 269; High Series Handicap: Bill Roeker 744, Bob Coryea 741; High Game Handicap: Randy Smith

298, D. Simon 287. Women--High Series Scratch: C. Sinicki 614, Gertie Stine 571; High Game Scratch: J. Anderson 236, Sue Mullens 212; High Series Handicap: Sophia Doig 687, Marylou Mathrusse 686; High Game Handicap: Nancy Paollela 265, Paula Cunkleman 262. High game average. Men: Carl Doak 184; Women: Carole Sinicki 182 Most improved bowler. Randy Smith 21; Carol Doak 11 Thanks to Paula Herzstein and Carol Biales who helped make the year run smoothly. Also to the people who did the Christmas potluck, sweepers, table décor and clean- up at

the banquet. Please have in mind

someone for these same tasks for next season. We can’t expect the same people to do it every year! The new season meeting will


Wednesday, September 12, 2012, in the Navajo Room of Sun Lakes Country Club at 1:00 p.m. The fi rst day of bowling will be Wednesday, September 19, at 1:00 p.m. We need some new bowlers for the fall season to fi ll up our league. Come to the meeting on September 12 or call McRay Lanes at 480-899-2171 or Marylou at 480- 802-8515.

Sun Lakes Senior Softball’s Top Hitters for 2011-2012 were Mike Wolfe and Alyson Stephens. Courtesy of Core Photography, LLC.

Larry Wolfe The 2011-2012 Senior Softball

Tournament and awards ceremony were held on April 17 at the Field of Dreams. Over 200 friends,

family members and

players enjoyed a great day of softball and the ballpark cuisine of Chef Bobby Thompson. The tournament was a fi ve-game, single

elimination tournament. Seedings for the six league teams were based upon the total won-lost records of each team over the 52 game schedule that comprised our three sessions (fall, winter and spring). In game one, the Mutual of Omaha team beat the A-1 Golf Carts squad by a 16-12 score. Jack Strauss, Dave Boone, Tim Loeffl er and Al Grefsheim each garnered three hits for the winners. In game two, State Farm Insurance

edged Farmers Insurance by a 9-8 count. Mike Wolfe, Denny Davidson and Evan Hansen each had two hits for the winners while Gary Hatch paced the losing team with three hits. Game three featured number one seed,

Desert Cove Rehab Center. Desert Cove just squeaked by the State Farm team by 12-11 score. Steve Schaider knocked in the winning run in the bottom of the seventh to seal the hard fought victory. Bill Cheney led the winners’ attack with three hits and a walk. Tim Stock went four for four in the losing cause. After game three, Master of Ceremonies Sowney


MOGA ________________________________ - continued from page 58

Committee. The committee met monthly to discuss golf issues with the club pros. In 2008 he was elected treasurer of MOGA and served for two years and at the same time worked on assigning the teams for the weekly MOGA event. In the spring of 2010, he handed off the treasurer’s job to Steve Crowell and assumed the function of tournament director when Marty Wirt moved to Colorado. Richard said he would like to thank Phil Dantzscher, Mike Hayes, Ken Strachman, Fred Smith, Jim Hooyman,

Jack Holme and his “pairings

partner” Bob Johnston for all the help they have given him over the years. Finally, Richard wants to thank Aki Yasuda for so graciously accepting the position of tournament director and allowing Dick to “bow out” with a minimum disruption to MOGA.

On behalf of all MOGA members,

Richard, past and present, we extend our sincere appreciation for all you have done for the success of MOGA. You are a real gentleman! If you have to cancel your MOGA play,

it is important that you cancel before 5:00 p.m. on the Monday before play to avoid being a “no show.” To cancel using the Chelsea program will not work after noon on the preceding Sunday. You must call 895-1738 ext. 4 to cancel AFTER noon on the preceding Sunday. All the information concerning MOGA can be found in the Member Handbook and at www.mogagolf. com. (A new Members Handbook will be published in the near future.) “Golf

is played by 20 million men

whose wives think they are out having fun,” Jack Benny. 

BOCCE _______________________________ - continued from page 59

2nd Frank Broley and Patricia Vickers,

3rd Irene D’Alasio and Don Heckler. Division H: 1st Jim and Brenda Phillips, 2nd Shirley Hutchings and Laura Sahlin, 3rd Gary and Dorothy Vacin. Division I: 1st Ron and Lynn Cox, 2nd John and

Marge Mogelnicki, 3rd (3-way tie) Betty Jean Black and Barbara Bagar, Rich and Chee Chee Brennan, John and Jane Allan. We look forward to seeing everyone in

the fall. Have a safe summer and we will see you then. 

introduced the 2011-2012

Award Winners. The Top Ten Hitters in the Men’s League were: Mike Wolfe

(.838), Larry Kaufmann (.796), Chuck

Myrick (.760), Ken Brenden (.742), Tim Loeffl er (.741), Al Grefsheim (.734), Frank Tanner (.725), Jack Strauss (.723), Gary Hillabolt (.721) and Dan Bradfi eld (.718). Members of the Lady Sluggers 600+ Club were: Alyson Stephens (.705), Charlene Ellis (.696), Olena Buxton (.667), Betty Whitlock (.658), Nancy Ferrington (.658) and Terry Finley (.608). Gary Hillabolt was named Most Improved Player while Nick Kusenko won the Rookie-of-the-Year Award. Dennis LePore won the prestigious Sportsmanship Award. Following the Awards Ceremony and

after enjoying the sumptuous ballpark food, play

resumed with number two

seed Brenden Financial beating Mutual of Omaha 10-6 in game four. Ken Brenden, Dennis Bernaiche and Dom Colonna each had three hits for the winners while Big Al Grefsheim led the Mutual’s attack with three hits including a long homerun. In the championship game, Desert Cove

bested Brenden Financial 11-6. Chuck Myrick and Hal Kime led the winners with three hits each while Ron Pennington and Ken Brenden did the same for the losing squad. Congratulations to Manager Larry

Kaufmann and his Desert Cove team, 2011-2012 Tournament champions, and all of this year’s award winners! Also, a big thank you to everyone

who made this event a success, including Social Director Dr. Roger Spark, Bobby Thompson and members of the Lady Sluggers who helped with the cookout. 

IWLN _________________________________ - continued from page 63

10. First Quarter Chip-Ins: Connie Luther no. 14, Jeanne Norton no. 3, Nancy Davis no. 4, Catherine Tinerino-Moore no. 12, Ann Roehl no. 16, Irene Strybosch no. 5, Barb Pezzute no. 2 and M.J. Coking no. 6. Congratulations to all of our Ringer, Birdie, and Chip-In winners! P.S. We thought we would have to

rent a U-Haul to help Catherine Tinerino- Moore take home all of her awards. She earned every single one of them! GAME OF THE DAY: The game of the

day on March 14 was “Beat the Pro.” Our Director of Golf, Eddy Renio, challenged our ladies on the front nine. The following ladies Beat the Pro: Dona Aldrich, Suzanne Augustyn, Jeanne Baldwin, Paula Bartoo, Ellie Concannon, Darlene Courville, Pat Crocker, Rena Dolins, Peg DuBois, Rachel Enloe, Bettie Farr, Marcia Gaudioso, Judy Goetz, Marian Greer, Suzanne Henderson, Mary Horn, Henny Huss, Barbara Johnston, Shirley Jones, BJ Krause, Jeanine Krause, Joan Letnes, Patty Lombardo, Pat Martin, Susan Meer, Jeanne Norton, Margo Otte, Arna Pagano, Linda Parker, Barb Pedersen, Barb Pezzute, Leta Polson, Susan Powell, Donna Rathyen, Ann Roehl, Susan

Schaeffer, Dottie Schnormeier, Barbara Steadman, Jean Steinberger, Irene

Strybosch, Leslie Swan, Mary Swanson, Catherine Tinerino-Moore, Lynn Tulis, Janiece Wallin, and Clarisse Zornes. Congratulations! These ladies certainly brought their A-game. UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING

COWGIRLS: The Cowgirls hosted their annual Invitational on April 9-11 at the Ocotillo Golf Course. There were 24 Colleges or Universities that participated. Members of our IWLN family who volunteered their services during this event were: Marcia Gaudioso, Rose Hull, Mary Swanson with husband Don Froom, Margo and Darrell Otte, Catherine Tinerino- Moore, Ann and Harry Roehl, Clarisse and Don Zornes, Jeanne Norton, Yvonne Rose, Nancy and Jack Davis, Lorene Roberts, Susan and Lloyd Schaeffer, Bea Cannon, Dee Siehl, and Susie and Charles Cook. This was a fun event with awesome golf plus they may have seen an up-and- coming LPGA potential professional. New Member: We give a very warm Joan

welcome to member. We

Sloan, are glad

our newest you selected

our Ironwood Niners. To get more information about this wonderful league, please contact Susan Schaeffer at 480-802-9852. 


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